All Ur Base R Belong 2 Us
  • does anyone remember this?.. i'll bet you do! :) this is still awsome no matter how many time i hear/see it, i cannot say what it is about or what it means, for i think it could be offensive to some on APi Members..therefore i leave you with doing the research :rules: Click here to view awsome (quick)movie
  • Ahem......It was........Interesting, to say the least. ummm ok. First of all they need to take english one over again and second what the hell was this supposed to be?? :peace:
  • That is inane and ridiculous. I want those five minutes back. Perhaps those children may want to learn something of syntax and translation before attempting another one of those.

    Ps. Someone has set up us one crappy techno video. :stink:
  • That was awesome and I don't even like techno.
  • This didn't ever hit Sweden but soem how I remember reding about it some time ago, so if you want an anwser on what it is I can provide it.

    "All your base are belong to us" is what the evil space leader known as "CATS" says in an introduction video that sets up an old video game on Sega called Zero Wing. He is basically warning the good guy captain of an Earth spaceship that a great intergalactic war has begun in the year 2101. The person who made the translation into english obviously didn't have the required gramatic skills and so the language got sort of messed up. The text was so wierd that is soon became sort of cult and the centances spread into other areas, outside the gaming world. The most popular catchphrase being "All your base...". Also the mentioning of ZIG ( "Captain: Take off every 'zig', You know what you doing , Move 'zig', For great justice " ) had a few people wondering if the translator was in fact not at all bad at gramatics, but merly stoned.

    And I must say that I liked the music video. ;)