Harry potter help
  • Ok I'm In Diagon Alley Wit Hagrid and I have Just Gotten The Knuts and im in the Olivanders Shop and im tryin to get the pea#### Feathers and i cnat how do i get them and also if u no ne cheats to get the other 2 the Sickles And the other wizard money u noe wut they r called ne wayz u noe on those carts SUM ! PLZ PLZ HELP ME will get this doen to them
  • Just keep chasing the pea#### and if you corner him often enough he will give up a feather. you have to keep doing it.
    You also need to shoot the boxes with you wand cause you can get some bonus items out of that room. just don't shoot the pea####.
  • Try to keep Harry's body close to the peac0ck as long as possible.
    On the lower left screen (or is it in the lower right?), you will see a long feather gets formed when you keep Harry's body close to the peac0ck for a while.

    Just keep running and running - don't stop. Try to Trap the peac0ck when its
  • thanks for the tip, now I have the feathers....but how do I get the sickle coins?... :2silly:
  • hay guy`s
  • I would just like to say that the cloak that you can pick up in the room with the pea#### is not an inviNCibility suit it's an inviSIBility cloak so people can't see you not so people can't hurt you. you have to step on the pea#### for as long as possible there is a route that the pea#### takes when it goes around the crates if you can work it out you can get infront of it but be careful it does turn around and try to run away. The other coins can be obtained from the bank by going through the other doors in the bank but you have to collect more coins than you previously got with the others. You have to get more Silver sickles than Bronze Knuts and you have to get more Gold Galleons than Silver Sickles. Hope this helps.