• I was just watching the news, and as most of the older members will recall during the cold war the U.S. and U.S.S.R. were concidered to be the worlds Super-Powers.

    Today a French journalist claimed the U.S. to be a Hyper-Power and implied that we no longer hold in reguard the sentiments and concideration of other nations because we have become so powerful and arrogant.

    I know we have members of many nations in this forum, and was wondering if this is a personal view of this reporter or is this feeling felt worldwide?
  • I belive that that might be the general feeling in the western world yes. Since no one gives a rats *ss about Asia I think that there is no doubt about America being that most powerfull nation in the world at the moment.
    Europe is trying to mend this by launching their own version, the U.S.E. a.k.a EU, but that project is still in development.

    As to if the Americans are arrogant or not, they are. That is the trademark of America I belive. You look out for number 1 and you belive/know that you are right. This is not an all bad attitude, it is infact a great "personality" for leaders. The Iraq incident has alot to do with the current feelings of US not caring about the opinions of other I belive.

    I is some sort of law of nature that who ever is the leader/holds the power/runs the show, is not to be liked (not hated) by those who are not. I guess you Americans will have to live with this prejudice until the next nation takes over the crown as the king of all great nations.
    (Previous titleholders: Messopotania, Greece, Rome, the Danish/Norweigan/Swedish coalition, Germany, France, Spain/Portugal, Great Britain...)