Buffy The Vampire Slayer
  • I watched the last episode of buffy last night, and i really enjoyed it. I think theyve ended the series at the right time, and the ending was good enough so there is the possibility of spin offs if joss whedon decides this is what he wants to do. Yes, i cried when spike %%% (not guna spoil it for those who missed it)

    just gotta get themn all on DVD now!!!!!
  • A nice ending with the Hell Mouth Finally closing (or eating Sunnydale whole) & the first gone. Good battle scene, nearly like Helm's Deep on 2 towers.

    YAY to Spike being crisp'd and Anyaunka getting sliced in 2, big gorey for a pre 9ish watershed, but hey they can do that as she's a demon.

    And the twist near the end with Willow, Cabel's very protected slayerette weapon of choice & every new born girl in the world ;)

    One Question - What the hell happened to Angel? Did he die there (hope so!) or just buggered off as my ladyship was on the phone to me at the time & missed it.

    All fun & slayer games till someone losses an eye, Just ask Xander :lol:

    Lets hope that Angel gets killed off soon, really bad spin off. Spike would have been better show

    Should put a vote for the best episode ever on here. I'm stuck between 2

    One more time with feeling (the whole episode as a musical)


    Hush (creepy 'Gentlemen' steals all voices of Sunnydales peeps to cut out 7 hearts of victims so the can't scream when they do it. The show done without any dialogue. Blinding Scene with Giles & the group in the lecture room explaining to them what they are & Buffy giving very rude & lewd hand jestures on 'how do we kill them' making her look like a 'master-de-bater)

    Remember - You don't wear the Cheese, the Cheese wears you!
  • I didnt see it. I think that if i could understand what chris was talking about he might have ruined it, but i didnt understand a word. I like Spike better too.
  • Moi spoil it? It's been on the net for ages what happened at the end, but there's a hell of a lot of other stuff in the episode that I wouldn't tell (or even can't explain it)

    Next week I'll be telling how Captin Archer Dies in the final episode of Enterprise Season 4 ;)

  • Originally posted by Chris N STAFF@Jun 13 2003, 04:51 PM
    [b]A nice ending with the Hell Mouth Finally closing (or eating Sunnydale whole) & the first gone. Good battle scene, nearly like Helm's Deep on 2 towers.

    that's it give away the ending.

    anyway it was cool but i think it would of been better if they ended it when she died and they showed her grave that was classy.

    PS: Buffy (sarah michelle geller) is SOOOOOOO fit.
  • Originally posted by bringiton@Jun 14 2003, 10:47 PM
    PS: Buffy (sarah michelle geller) is SOOOOOOO fit.

    The correct word would be anorexic.

    For god's sake Sarah eat a sandwhich or something.
  • I used to like Buffy but that final episode was a bit of a cliche.It reminded me of the end of most of the season of Buffy.And I agree with gabiel sarah should really eat something before she blows away
  • Just for the record (and for all Spike fans) you may be interested to know that James Marsters is in the opening cast list for the new season of Angel. Looks like he
  • Spike died in last episode he got fryed
  • And no character has ever seemingly
  • If Buffy killed Angel at the end of Season 2 & then he returned back to earth for Season 3, then why not Spike then? He got his soul back after all!

    Maybe he'll give Angel a good kicking & take over. :bash:
  • Damn! Buffy sucks!!!I really hate this show! No really who believes in Vampires :2cool: :tired: :think:
  • Wooh there Cloud.Most people don't like the show its Sarah Michelle everyone likes.And the vampire thing well they do exist they are people who need daily blood tranfusions to stay alive