You're Forum Opposite
  • I'm bored so I came up with this.

    Who is the total opposite of you in political views, way of life, anything.It can be anyone as long as it's from APi.

    I'd say my opposite is Lucifer.Mostly because of his political views (Which at least to me seem highly conservative).
  • I dont really know enough people here to find my opposite, so if one of you can figure it out that would be great. :unsure:

  • I'd have to take a guess at perhaps Gid as my oposite.

    I am rather a straight-laced 'conservative' non-drinking
    sort of gal...... not at all like the party animal that we all know Gid is!! :P (not to mention the fact that he's NOT a gal!!)

    Interesting concept here Gabe!
  • (Devils Advocate says: Technically we can't find out opposites here, because we are all gamers.)

    Now, as to the point of this thread. ;) I don't know who my opposite is, probably Daggers Lover or Lucifer, I don't really know anyone well enough to make a decision. :P

    Or whoever smells the best >_> That's the best determiner for the opposite of a hippie.
  • I really can't say who, but the description may fit many. My opposite would be a non-adult homosexual female who's never been in any trouble, who loves crowded places, and loves telemarketers and their ilk. She'd be a vegan who refuses to consider the ramifications of her actions, and follows her impulses if it's the right thing to do or not, like voting for Democrats because they're democrats. This could go on all day, it ends here.
  • My forum opposite (in certain respects) would be the Fluffster.

  • I've thought long and hard........ok, neither of those really but i thought......and that's what matters.

    My decision was hard(ok, maybe really easy).......and it was Prince Vegeta.

    How did i come up with this member? Well, i won't answer that question but rather leave it upto your imaginations. I think that you all can figure out the answer if you think for a moment and if you can't figure it out........well, then you're probably lying to yourself......heh, heh.

    Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • There is probably not one human being on this planet that I see eye to eye with, but I can't think of one person who is my opposite.

    That doesn't mean that nobody should consider me their opposite. So if you feel I come close, don't hold back, Let me have it.
  • HOOPZ, My arch-enemy makes me mad all the time, and is my exact opposite when it comes to activity, yet we are the best of friends.
  • I would have to say probalby Lucifer is my opposite in here, hey we have had our differences :fight: other than that I am not sure, if you think you are my opposite would you contact me.
  • My forum opposite would be anyone who puts no effort into their posts, spams or blatantly breaks the rules.

    I could list those who fit the profile above but you know who you are. :rules:
  • Rex, as if you're not on the list? :peace:

    Punk Buddy....

    Although I idolized him when i was a kid in this house, I never thought that I would go the opposite way!!

    I like anime, he hates it

    I'm here actively posting, he's not

    He's hard working, I'm not

    there are lots of things to say though, I think it wont fit all in this post :helpme: