Look Out Americadl Hits The Job Force!
  • Well as of Today I got hired to a local sandwich place called quiznos. My job is make scrumpius sub sandwiches for my awsome custumers. I am so happy I got this job because I needed money. And its my first job to. So now 15 year old DL is going to find out what its like in the real world!!! :woot: Of course ill probbly get a raise on the first week because of how good I am :clap: Well as one fellow worker to another cya and fight the good fight! :peace:
  • I feel bad for Quiznos... Are they aware they hired someone who can't spell at all?? ;)

    Just kiddin, DL. I'm sure the reason why your words aren't spelled correctly is because you were just too excited about your new job. Congrats DL!!!

    :birthday: (ok so its not your b-day...but i needed some confetti and cake to celebrate with!)
  • Congrats DL... take pride in your work and think of the rewards.

    Quiznos makes good subs!! :feedme: I like the turkey and bacon!

    Maybe I'll stop in sometime and laugh like an evil computer.

  • CONGRATULATIONS DUDE!!!!!! :disco:

    Wow, what a great choice of places to work too!! I just love Quiznos!!! Those subs are the absolute best!!!

    I'm sure you'll love being a happily contributing member of our working society, now just another 50 more years to go of it 'till you can retire!! :woot:

    Enjoy it while it lasts!! :P
  • I just love Quiznos!!! Those subs are the absolute best!!![/b]

    I think you mean were the absolute best, DL is making those subs now :blink:

    I'm kidding man, congrats on the new job, hope you enjoy yourself :peace:
  • Welcome to the working world, working, paying taxes, b :swear: ing about paying taxes, b :swear: ing about not making enough money, b :swear: ing about working too many hours, b :swear: ing about not working enough hours.

    Seems like there is more b :swear: ing being done than any actual work, if you can whine like a little girl you'll fit in just fine.

    Congratulations DL, now go make me a sandwich.
  • Not everyone whines about the job they have setup for themselves, those are the people that actually succeed in the workforce of today.

    Congrats on the job Scott, hope you enjoy it. Some of my earlier jobs were with food places so just be sure not to burn youself.

    Yeah, Quizno's is good but i prefer other stuff over top of that.
  • Right on, DL! Welcome to the working force. Take pride in your work, and don't take crap from anyone. Quiznos makes a decent sandwich. I hope one will open closer to me. Don't blow that first paycheck!
  • My first day at Quiznos..........

    Well my work day started at 11Am. i was a little nervous going in. i oviously came in early. I knocked on the door cause it was locked and the manager opened it and I walked in and he said "can I help u?" I said Im the new traineee and he led me to the back. he gave me my very own shirt and apron and a name tag with my name on it :rolleyes: Then i clocked in for the first time and they opened the doors. For the first maybe hour in a half i was doing dishes....my hands looked like a 100 year olds hands before the manager called me out to the front. then I actually started sorta serving customers. I cut bread and my partner who has worked there for 2 years made the sandwhich you had to cut the bread prucisely right or u had to thrw away the bread.. After rush hour was over (phew) I had to clean the tables. After that I got my share of tips(I made a whole whoppin $2.23 worth of tips) After that it was back to the dishes. As I was doing dhishes one of them took their brake. And we talked and I found out that we were all into gaming and anime and that was soo cool. Se we had a dicussion for 30 minutes about if spike was really dead or not and about how he has a real set of daggers and swords in his trunk(The oldest person in there working was 21). Then it was my turn to take a break I was new so I was only allowed 15 minutes. i made myself a meatball sub and talked more about anime. then I learned about wrapping the sandwiches and the cash register. After cleaning more tables and restocking the chips and getting my share of free drinks my time was up. And at 6.75 times 5 hours I should make at least 30 dollars. And Im off tomorrow :disco: So that was my first day of work....I love the fact that everyone is into anime and one of them named Billy(no not madhtr he doesnt work at Quiznos with me) said he would let me borrow anime videos which is soo cool. Well thats my first day go ahead and comment on it or post about your first day of work :peace:
  • Congrats DL...

    This first day will stay with you forever.

    $6.75 an hour!!! Well I remember when I was young and had to walk to school and work in snow this high (Oh wait.. that was the geezer in me)

    Now as a dad talking (no everyone I'm not DL's dad)... you have several options when it comes to savings

    Sit down with your folks and discuss how you want to save money (That'll shock them!)

    Start a savings and or checking account for you that you can access. Being you're only 15 I doubt your parent's don't charge you rent or room or board... but you can act like they do and start your first bill paying.

    Every paycheck I would write a check to them like it was bill. Start with 25 Percent of every paycheck. Have them deposit into a new savings account for you in their bank that you can't access to easy . As your paycheck grows, ultimately change that bill to 50% of each check.

    If it's ok with your folks, the rest of your money can be deposited into your account for spending (gravy) money like for movies and junk food or even (gasp) a playstation game. You can still save that money in your room for an expensive game if you need to save from a few paychecks.

    Don't touch your savings in their bank and forget it's even there. Don't worry how much balance it's growing or how much you have in your account. You should still have plenty of gravy money for everday stuff. When you run out... you run out so you can still save your gravy money for bigger items.

    Keep your grades up and take drivers ed. Next think you know... think... CAR!

  • Yes I started a Savings acount yes I am saving 40 of ieach check for car insurance and yes I have takin drivers ed :disco: Im on the ball! :peace:
  • I feel pathetic now, im 17 i dont have a job and i dont even have my drivers permit yet. I havnt taked drivers ed either, come to think of it ive never even driven what so ever. :cry:
  • Congrats Daggs!!!! and as many others have said, Welcome to the working world......Now as Rex put it (wrongly spelled I might add lol) Go make me a samich!!! :feedme:
  • WOAH!!! You can have a checking account at age 15!? Here in Maryland you have to be 18!! :unsure: But you can have a savings account...not a checking account...
  • Congrat's on the job, DL! We don't have Quizno's here......well not yet anyway. But I assume they are much akin to Subway?
    Anyway, well done. Sounds like you've made a few new friends (mayhap you might even like to suggest a couple join APi? The more the merrier I say).

    :clap: :clap: Best of luck to you!!!!