Happy Father's Day
  • Happy Father's Day To All Of Our APi Dad's!!!

    May the beer be plentiful and your strokes on the course be considerably less. ;)
  • I guess since there are tons of guy gamers here this tribute is much more applicable.

    Happy Father's Day to all of you dads. May you enjoy your cute little cards, cardboard ties or a simple phone call. This is the one day where you could actually sit back and get away with not doing orders of us women.

  • Happy Fathers Day to all API dads!!!
  • Happy Fathers Day to all you APi Daddies!
    I myself am not a father yet (not from lack of trying)
    They say practice makes perfect!
    Hope you all enjoy your day! :peace:
  • Yeah. Happy Father's Day, all you M-----f---ers!* :woot:

    * Jokingly intended.
  • *A tad belated*

    Not only did my dad spawn the Gid, but he also takes care of all the business he needs to take care of
  • Well, seeing how I've been absent for awhile. I might be excused for my tardy reply?
    But, Happy Fathers day (belated though it be.) to all the APi Dads!!!!!!
  • LMAO WB!! :woot:

    I guess that's how we became fathers eh?
  • Aye, Topper. That's precisely what I meant. :clap: