Just Got Sent A Virus
  • Hey guys. I just recieved an email with a virus attached, it's a mass mailer so I thought I should let you know just in case. It wasn't sent to my hotmail address, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

    It's called "W32/Sobig.c@MM", the email was titled RE: Movie and attachment "approved.pif".

    Did a little search and more info can be found Here.

    Make sure you update those virus definitions!

  • Thank you for that update KiLLa, but, seeing as I never never open mail from someone I don't know (and yes, that includes Microsoft!! If they want to bill me, they should know my snail-mail address!!!!!), I haven't run across that one. I keep my Norton updated all the time too, thank God!!

    Will keep a heads-up for an email like this anyway, just in case.

    Meanwhile, this should serve as a little reminder to all:

    NEVER open email if it's from someone you don't know!!!!!
  • Unfortunately Suze, with these mass-mailers chances are the virus will come from the address of somebody you do know. A typical virus size is about 120k, so i never open any attatchments unless i know what they are. As long as you regularly update your anti-virus program hopefully you'll be protected!