Some Questions!
  • I have tons of questions I just can't figure out. ( :rules: )

    1. I know quality is better than quantity, but I think you have lost a lot of members over it.

    2. When can we select a new avatar?

    3. Why make members work so hard to get 1000 posts to get there little saying under their avatar now you take it away?

    4. When are the next avatar awards ( I know a couple of months, but give me a real date!!!)

    5. Why did you take out the Smackdown! 1- 3 thing and put it in the help section that is just plain wrong. Nobody can find it now!!

    6. Regular members belong to the regular group, bad members are in the cooler, and moderators are in the moderating group, why can't I be in a Wrestling group? I am api's first ever wrestling reporter, ( Fluff did it first so did mad htr, but I Masterman did it the best with previews and previews then I cover the raw, smackdown, ppv, etc... I haven't seen fluff or madhtr do that!!)

    7. Tell members to stop making dumb @** comments when I post my comments. come on members!! Act like grown ups!! Geeze...

    Thank you for answering my questions. As you see quality is what Masterman is all about.


  • 1. We only lost the members that we didn't want around. Members shouldn't care about how many posts they have. The spammers who cared about the post counts have stopped posting and that's what we had hoped for.

    2. A week or so before the next awards(see answer to 4)

    3. We didn't do anything, if we didn't have spammers we wouldn't have to have preventative measures such as getting rid of everything that would give a member a reason to spam. So, thank the spammers, if anyone, for doing something.

    4. Yeah, well, we don't have an exact date so you'll have to be happy, like all the other members with knowing that the awards will be held when they are to be held and not a moment sooner or later than that and that is all i can say about that(because right ow we truly don't have a date setup).

    5. We took out all the specialized forums because all we were getting were threads and polls about stuff that we didn't feel was required so we cleaned all that up and made it into just a question section since that's all we needed.

    6. Yeah, as Fluff has said before, wrestling coverage got old and stale along time ago, that's why we stopped. Oh, and i think you answered this question yourself when you said, and i quote "Regular members belong to the regular group". You're a regular member, no more, no less.

    7. Stop making comments that others can make dumb @$$ comments about and then you won't have to worry about us commenting to others for commenting about you commenting.

    So, in short, everything to do with the removal of post counts are thanx to our fellow spammers. The awards will be one point or another(at which point you can change avatars if you wish) and yes, wrestling is a fake sport too and that's why we have all got bored with it and stopped covering it ourselves.

    Yes, that last bit was one huge smart comment so go right ahead and complain......cause you know.........we all know we like to hear comments on commenting about others comments........Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.

    P.S. If you have any other questions, we're here for you daily from some time to another time.........
  • [Masterman,your comments regarding the removal of the custom titles and post counts just proves that you did not get our "quality over quantity" mantra.If certain members (won't mention names but they know who they are) didn't feel the need to fill the forums with polls on useless things or carry on conversations by replying to each other a minute or two apart per post for 15 minutes (instead of using the chat room on the main page) then most likely the post counts and custom title options would still be here.Now the members are all on a level playing field and are known by what they say,not a post count or "level".

    Regarding the moving of the Smackdown forum,it (and the other game-specific forums)were meant to be for helping people with the games,not a general talk forum.If people have a question about the games,we have the Ask New PSOne and Ask New PS2 question forums.All of the specialized forums were archived for reference by the members.

    As for the "dumb*** comments",as Mad said,avoid making them yourself and you won't get any back.Quite frankly not many here are interested in Raw/Smackdown/PPV previews/results any more.Those that are can easily get those on one of the many wrestling sites scattered around the web.

    The Av Award dates are somewhat determined by Jim's schedule-if there is an extended break in his work duties then he is able to work that in.We have been trying to do it roughly every 3 months.