28 Days Later
  • I heard about this movie on the internet. It looks like it is trying to copy Resident evil in some way. Zombies, virus, and the style of the movie's title. Anyone got info on this movie?

  • I've seen trailors of this movie on TV and thought the very same thing!! Still looks like a pretty good one though and I'm looking forward to seeing it!! I'm sure I don't know any more about it than you do, but it's just interesting that you bring it up, 'cause when I saw the trailors, my son and I said the very exact same thing "hey, looks like a R.E. wannabe!"
    If I happen to see it before you, I'll come back here and post about it...... when is it supposed to be coming out!? (I'd forget my head if it weren't attached!! :doh: )

    EDIT: Ok, I just checked and it comes out in the US on June 27th. I'll try to catch it after I get back from vacation!
  • me and the other half watched it the other week, and although it is a bit like a resi wannabe, it is a god film too. Slighlty more darker and its english too (YEY)!!!

    id recommend watching it and its slightly more gory too