New Movie : Beauty and the Beast
  • Today were different it wasn't Angela Lansbury as Mrs. Potts it with Emma Thompson I'm glad as they changed their look and that Lumiere and Gregory like actually had a body and lick feet Ian McKellar Scoggs where's that was perfect. I love his voice but also like I couldn't help but hear Gandalf slut the one thing the five percent why could not give it a hundred percent was the singing didn't have to do with anyone's voice. I don't think I think Emma Watson could have pulled it off beautifully I just think Disney wasn't confident in her and that really pissed me off because I could hear over produce tone in her voice.

    I could hear the auto tuning in her voice it really pulled me out of the film I was all envelop I was just like I'm here because I heard the Bell song and it could hear a little tuning that goes abate go with this train like wait I really like Emma's English accent in the new song. She probably has a very soft elegant beautiful light voice maybe like I'm a stone in la-la land I wanted to hear a clear voice. I didn't want to hear this overproduced voice and that's what it was it wasn't cursing in the talent it was a studio and that's what I heard and that's what I did not like about this thing with Emma Thompson. When I think about the animated film you to be the actress who I think about is actually Angela Lansbury and I knew that there was no way the Emma Thompson was ever going to live up said that actress she's Hollywood royalty has played in so many Disney films.

    It was okay Emma Thompson voice was great but it was still I can hear the auto tuning in it and sure I understand why they had to over produce the voices anyone else agree with me .
    I think that's what Disney was cared about was the singing as you can tell the Cinderella movie didn't have anything there was like, maybe date on Danny that song that's does not in the original film. They got a great director god I'll make him back but I feel like Disney was really scared about adding these classic songs into a film they did it with Luke Evans. He was perfect obviously just Yanking Sing and aura McDonald who is like a trained opera singer from Broadway and Ian Macgregor because we all know Ian Macgregor from Moulin Rouge so all those actors Kim Seng.

    And you can hear the very clear tones of their voices Disney was very confident with them I just was there more confident with Emma Watson and Emma Thompson you heard render he would Lumiere I forgot that he was Lumiere because he had a French accent I loved at the very end of the film. When you know the curse was broken and no Kasbah with me, McKellen and Lumiere became Ewan McGregor I love like the costumes and the dark mustache. The white faces it was very friends I think my favorite of the cat has to be Luke Evans as Gaston, he's so good looking, I'll take him no I never liked Gaston it was gross to me like it'll go away.

    I want Belle vie with bees I'll in a relationship between us on in the food Josh GAD as the food was perfect other favorite scene was a Gaston song from the beginning part were a meeting Belle. Gaston and the dad and the Lewis on looking in them your sins he's talking to somebody else but he's actually talking about himself as perfect we do understand cast down a little bit more in this film. Now the best montage of them all was be our guest that was pure animation there was a table there and then there was Emma Watson watching nothing. I saw all like those warm feelings watching sequence I suppose one have hearts are with a piece because I don't really like watching animated humans like that you could see Dan Stevens facial expression. Now the friend Yami didn't like the newbie song can't risk all I know how to count track yet because not now I love you will probably run think it's like cheesy and Dom.

    I could feel the Beast I could you know understand his emotions through that time of letting Bell go. my gosh wait the end scene where they're like married I don't think they're married yet it was just another like dancing sequel but I love bells dress at the end it was soaked but you would feel like I love that we got to see more of L and the beat. I loved their romance I love the ending of the film where everyone dies basically they all become like pictures.

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