• HI all

    Just wondering, as festival season will soon be upon us, if anyone is going to any festivals or gigs soon?

    Me and the other half are going watching none other than METALLICA!!!!!!!!! im soooo excited going to be great!!!!

    i know someone from owrk is going watching the one and only peter kay in a couple of weeks too (lucky cow!)
  • Haha...yeah right.

    Our city has an occasional festival called the Corn Festival and our high school band marches in the parade on its last day, but kind of sucks because I won't be there to march in it because I have a previous commitment with my drama group...gonna be up in Washington.

    As for a "gig" I would say that I am going to go with my friend to the Anime Convention, but it really all depends on first off whether or not they're going..and second off if they invite me. But if I do go, it's happening in a couple weeks.
  • July 25th the fiancee and I are going to a double bill at the N.D. State Fair. Believe it or not Alice Cooper and Ted Nugent one show my home town!!
  • Molson Indy July 13th, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

    Once again we are off to see the Champ Cars in action. Hopefully we are going down on the 12th to check out all of the qualifying and practices. B)