• Yes, yes, I know you all miss me :tired:

    I've been out a bit.... AND NOT 1 REMEBERED ME!!! (ahem!)

    anyway, that not my point here...

    I've noticed that the post count is gone, is there a new bug bugging the APi?.... or is it you that did it intentionally?

    BTW, i think its a bit cooler cuz no one will keep track on their post counts, so it means, SPAMMERS ARE DISCOURAGED!!! HAHAHA!!! :clap: (*cough @choke^)

    don't worry, I still have sanity......

    And oh! one side question... Wheres the topic 'Another Game' ? i couldn't find it in the Jokes and Trivias anymore :unsure:

    Thanks a lot!! (english)
    Muchos Gracias!! (spanish)
    Shukran!! (arabic)
    Maraming Salamat Po!! (my kind of language ;-) )
  • Welcome back Squall

    To answer you questions:

  • Welcome back Squall! :)

    The post counts were removed as well as the titles under the avatars just recently due to the amount of spamming that had been happening-since their removal most of the offending parties have either left completely or have really cut back on their visits.

    As for "another game" I think it was deleted aas it turned into a major spamfest.
  • The "Another Game" thread was closed due to spam but it wasn't deleted but rather moved into the Hall of Fame forum.