If You Had An Hour To Live...
  • Personally... i'd probably cry ;) There's not much to do in one hour... but what would you do? Would you spend your last hours with your closest family, wife, husband, children or parents... Would you kiss that one person who you've always fancied! Would you choose to punch your worst enemy, get completely drunk so you forget the whole situation or go out and spend the last hour enjoying yourself with your mates? Would anyone even come on APi and say goodbye to everyone?!

    Would you keep it quiet, so not to worry your family/friends or would you tell them straight up??

    Obviously until you've been told you have one hour to live you wouldn't know exactly what you would do but it should lead to quite an interesting discussion and some very interesting responses!

  • I think i would try my best to go to sleep so i would die peacefully in my sleep. :cry:
  • Interesting thought GamerGuy... maybe it's just me, but wouldn't you want to die knowing you actually achieved something with your last hour? If the "you only live once" theory is true, would you not want to just simply "live" for the last hour, or at least spend it with those people who are closest to you... just my thoughts anyway. Each to their own!
  • personally the way life/people have been treating me for the last 6 monthes...makes me feel like i'm on my last hour already....but i would want to spend it with my Fiancee..and my mommy..yes kids i said MOMMY! ...this is what i'd want..but i know it wouldn't happen :'(.....peace out friends...
  • I'd imagine I would grab a 12 pack of Bud and a fifth of Old No 7. Then steal the hottest car I could find and proceed to rob a bank. Mind you I would not harm anyone in this venture as I wish nobody harm ever. Then I would get pleasantly f**ed up while I led the police on a one hour chase through the countryside.

    People who know me would understand that I'm flamboyant and if I go out it'll be something to remember.

    Please keep in mind I wouldn't harm anyone, the car might get banged up a bit, but if it's a nice car, I assume it's insured.

    And if I get arrested either stealing the car, robbing the bank, or they manage to stop the car I'd have a sentence of less than an hour to serve. :peace:

    In reality, wouldn't tell a soul. I would grab a six of Bud and walk without uttering a word but simply offering a nod and smile to passers by around the town I love. I would think about the things and people I will miss, and the things I've done both good and bad, and the people I've known. Then quietly pass. Star9 would let all of you folks know I said farewell.
  • I think I'd would use my last hour for playing basketball or PS2 :think:
  • If I had an hour to live and I would probably spend it with my friends and family...no other people I would want to spend it with. I would also let you all at APi that would be leaving. You guys are like a third family to me..so I would not just keep quiet.(even so..as most of you know..keeping me quiet is possibly physically impossible)

    What's with the recent turn of dying threads Daniel? :think:
  • I would say good bye to family and friends,tell a certain person I loved her,say goodbye to my dog,punch my mate dad(because he is a total d*ck)Then I'd jump in my dads car and smash it into a wall to go out in a blaze of glory.That my final hour
  • What ever is going throught Fluff's head is for him to sort out & if there's anything that us peeps can do then he knows there's knowlege from what ever crap we speak within it.


    I'll go on a killing spree. Pure & simple as that! And at the moment the way I feel it may not have to have the subject at hand to spark a violent reaction to it.


    Kill'em All I say!
  • Lol, may i state that is absolutely no reasoning behind my recent spate of "death related threads" i guess it must just be the twisted and sadistic person i am! ;)
    I suppose death is something that inevitably we will all have in common... and there are a lot of different opinions, and beliefs surrounding "what happens" when you die, it just makes some good discussion! If... a little depressing!

    So don't fear, i plan to be hanging around for much longer than the next hour ;) muahahaha!

    Dreamer... sounds like quite a long hour to me, if you're going to fit all that in!

    Although a killing spree sure sounds "fun" (well, it sure looks it in "The Getaway!) :D But if i was going to die, i wouldn't want to put any more families through the pain of losing a lost one than neccessary... i.e. my own. Which is pretty much as jdm said too... even though technically i wouldn't have to live with it, i still wouldn't like the thought that others would experience any unneccessary pain and suffering just to cure my anger!
  • Kill Blair!!!!!!!!!!
    Then claim myself leader of England, and then kill over dead.

    Or a better thing to do would be to spend my last hour with all those that i love, my family, my girlfreind, and all my other friends and just say thank you to them all for all being great, for 45 min, then the last 15, have some private time with the girlfriend, something to remember ;)
  • Originally posted by Theve1tch@Jun 22 2003, 10:49 PM
    then the last 15, have some private time with the girlfriend, something to remember ;)

    Now that's BullShot! no man can last 15mins! unless your God and he/she can only manage 6.5mins :pump:

    Trouble is (like I really care) when I do go on the killing spree do you really think I'll be caring about others & the love ones (Everyone hates someone at some point)

    In addition I would add drinking a lot of alcohol about 45mins through my spree. After all My Liver & Kidneys aren't what they used to be
  • If I only had an hour to live I would text or phone my close friends to say [i]hi, it
  • Sex. Definitely sex. Then for the last 56 minutes cold beer and light hearted banter with close family and friends.
  • The sex should come last, just for, If anything, the purpose of using the line "F :swear: me dead".

    If not the sex last, then perhaps re-naming a bunch of small, non-text, game files to .txt formats (making sure the text makes no sence), put them on a CD or floppy, awaken the "raving looney" in me, get it up to scratch & use it on a bunch of people (a couple of cops maybe) in town, telling them, while transfering the disk to somewhere on their person, how "they're"using dentists, docters, etc. to implant tiny chips in people to...

    well the bottom line is, "they" can use the chips to kill people, the disk has everything about "them" on it and "they're" out to get me.

    That should have some interesting results.

  • Well, I'm going to look like the total Looney Tune of the bunch here, but I'd spend it in quiet and thoughtful prayer with my family. That is just all there is to it! :peace:
    (well, ok, maybe one last 'round in the hay' with the Hubby! hehehee)
  • Well, I can't really make this long because all I would do is spend time with my family.
  • I think I'd pray to my God and then search out all the close relatives that I have that are unsaved and witness to them, and tell them that God is real!!
  • I would spend most of the time with my family.

    With the rest of the time I would go to the local Chevrolet dealership, ask to take a Corvette for a test drive and see what it could really do on the highway.

    For those who are saying that they would like to be having sex during their last hour I have this to say.

    Do you realize that you could traumatize this person forever if you "go" before you "go"?
  • Of course Rex. I mean, isn't that the whole point?
  • I'm with you KG. Coming and going at the same time would be ideal, wouldn't it?

    After what is probably too little thought on the subject, I think I would certainly pray, probably pursue the copulation connection, send out a lot of apologies and good-byes, then definitely set some things to rights. Ideally, with the bodies still oozing what little life was left in them, and the pistol still smoking, I would go to my God leaving that certain woman screaming my name. :punk:

    Hopefully, I'll be forgiven for the music thing.
  • I would probably just spend the time with my really good friends...yes, that excludes you LI, hehe. :disco:
    Oh yeah, how could I forget that last thing...beating the living :swear: out of . Why are you looking at me weird? It's just a way to get some revenge...and not have to pay for it.
    That's all I'd really do...I mean, thats all I could do. Not all I would want to do :peace: .
  • I think i would go to every 'nice' girl in school and pull their trousers and pants down, have a good stare then say bye to all my loved ones. :cry:

    I like the sound of the pants thing though! see their f***y
  • Even though I'm 11 I would drink beer for 30 minutes then go kiss everone I fancy and in my final 5 minutes go to sleep and die peacefully

    The kobra kid of Scotland

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