Spiderman 2 : enter electro
  • I finished this game a couple weeks back and i am offering help to whoevers needs it. Let us know if you get stuck!!

    (Message to API : How come you have'nt reviewed this game or allowed others to add there reviews ? It appears in the list of reviews, but no review from you guys or others)
  • Stopping the plane:

    Alright Martin and all,

    No need to cheat friend !! Once youve got the hangar doors open turn around to face the plane and shoot your webbing (not web ball) continuously at one of the proppellers only. After a bit that propeller will stop turning causing the plane to go round in circles. At this point you can relax, the plane is not going to crash . All you have to do now is target the other propeller and shoot webbing at it until it stops.
  • Hello Tanner!!