• There are a lotof animes out there yet there are only a few that I like to watch my number one favorite is KIKAIDER, second is RUORONI KENSHIN, third is a four way tie between DRAGONBALL Z, G GUNDAM, YU-GI-OH, and INUYASHA. :rebel:
  • It depends on what type of anime you're talking about. Considering you've named all tv anime that's currently shown on Cartoon Network....I will give you my favorite tv anime but i'll also give my current fav overall.

    My favorite tv anime would have to be Trigun(which is currently off the network but is coming back very soon.....I think June 2nd or 3rd). I liked this before it was shown on tv but it is my favorite anime that has been shown on tv.

    Non-tv i'd have to say that my current fav is still Hellsing from Pioneer Animation but i recently watched Voices from a Distant Star from ADV Films(with the shortfilm She and Her Cat) and i really liked that so that is very high up there on my list.

    Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I suppose I'll follow madhtr's example here.

    My favorite anime that was shown on TV was Cowboy Bebop. It got taken off though, so I've quit watching anime on TV since then.

    My favorite non-TV anime would have to be Spirited Away or Princess Mononoke. I've watched both of them and like them both the same.

    Red, thought i'd just edit here and let you know that when Trigun comes back, so will Cowboy Bebop.....but i think Bebop returns first if i'm not mistaken.
  • Hmmm my favorite on TV anime would probably have to be rouroni Kenshin. Love that show but they gotta keep it unedited it loses its flavor edited.

    Off TV I would probably say that I liked Spirited Away and Castle in the sky very good classics that u must watch

    there is my views :peace:
  • My fav anime on tv is Trigun but until they bring it back ill say Rurouni Kenshin since its one of the only ones i havnt seen all the way through.

    My fav anime off tv is Ninja Scroll and Princess Mononoke.

    p.s. This is off topic but now my av is'nt one of a kind so please hurry with the av contest so i can change mine to the one i made!! :cry:
  • My U guessed it Db Z and GT.

    If pokemon is of anime it is a tie.