Virus/worm Warning
  • Just recieved a notice regarding the upgrade of a virus to Category 3 (moderate threat) and figured I should post the details about this virus here.

    QUOTEW32.Sobig.E@mm is a mass-mailing worm that sends itself to all the email addresses that it finds in files with the following extensions:


    The email attempts to trick the recipient into believing it came from Yahoo(

    The email message has the following characteristics:From: [email][/email]

    (W32.Sobig.E@mm may also spoof the email From: field and use any available address.)

    Subject: The subject line will be one of the following:

    Re: Application
    Re: Movie
    Re: Movies
    Re: Submitted
    Re: ScRe:ensaver
    Re: Documents
    Re: Re: Application ref 003644
    Re: Re: Document
    Your application
    new document.pif
    Re: document.pif

    Attachment: The attachment name will be one of the following: (contains details.pif) (contains application.pif) (contains document.pif) (contains (contains Movie.pif)

    NOTE: W32.Sobig.E@mm worm de-activates on July 14, 2003.

    Anyone using Norton AntiVirus that has their definitions updated to June 25 are protected against this.I advise all members to update their antivirus software of choice (and if you don't have any yet,get some-it's pretty much required software these days).[/b]