• I've had a recurring dream for about 12 years now. The "storyline" of the dream changes but it's basically always the same thing in that I'm late for work or late back from my lunch break.

    Quite often, I'm really close to the office, but suddenly my legs go really tired - like I'm walking in treacle - and I literally have to drag myself along the ground to be able to walk (kind of like climbing on a horizontal basis).

    Sometimes, though, I'm late because I've been helping someone out, or I've got on a bus that's gone completely the wrong way.

    I'm usually only about 30 minutes late in my dream. However, it's sometimes a couple of hours and occasionally, I spend the whole day trying to get to work.

    Has anyone got any ideas what this means? When I started having the dream, I was in a pretty stressful job and my boss was quite a bully. Now I work somewhere completely different where I'm very happy and get on fine with my bosses. The last time I had this sort of dream was last night, hence the new topic!

    Just to quantify, I would like to know from a "psychological" point of view (like if you dream of being naked at work, you're stressed) not the "old gypsy" meaning (I will have good fortune for the rest of my life).

    BTW, if anyone else has any recurring or odd dreams, I'd be interested to hear them. I have an uncanny knack of remembering my dreams vividly - even ones from years ago. Anyone else able to do this or am I just a lonesome freak? ;) :blink:
  • I used to have one dream quite often, sounds quite similar to HOQ's. It's only a short dream, but i'm trying to cross a road, i get half way accross and then a car starts to come, but no matter how hard and fast you try to run you just move in slow motion. I guess i must wake up at this point because i never actually got hit by the car... but i just couldn't run out of it's way.
    I remember reading once what this type of dream meant, but now i can't remember!
  • I've had my share of recurring dreams yes. Only one of them I am willing to share.

    I've been having this dream for about a week, which isn't as long as some of you, but it's the same everytime. Here goes:

    I am in a forest chasing after something and I get into a clearing and somehow disturb a wild boar. The boar looks at me and begins chasing me quickly and I run as fast as I can to try to get away from it and I manage until I reach a thick edge of the forest and the boar begins to come closer and closer and then a knight comes in between me and the boar and gives the boar a nice slice on its skin and I look up at the knight to say "thank you" and he is gone. The boar somehow then regains its strength and begins coming towards me again and the knight appears and chops up the boar. He then extends his hand towards me and picks me up onto his horse and take me back to my house outside the forest. I go to my door and he says "Stay out of the forest." and then I nod and go inside only to fall into a hole in the floor of my house.

    How's that for strange?
  • If you really want to find out about your recurring dreams I recommend you head down to the Metaphysical section of your book shop or on-line book seller & pick up a book just called 'Dreams'. It covers over 3000 dream interpretations.

    Our dreams have powerful messages that we must listen to. The Sleeping Mind can see hours even days ahead of the waking mind, In sleep we see the future by bringing our Intuition to bear on the present turning invisible signs and influences into the puzzling images of our night lives. This Fascinating Dictionary reveals how to interpret your dreams, covering every dream from acrobats to yellow birds :woot: from angels to zebras.

    I have a copy of this book & has interesting bits in it
  • HOQ,

    A couple of my degrees have been heavily psychology orientated, so I
  • HOQ... I was thinking of opening a dream thread after I started having a dream that I hadn't had for years and made me wonder. Steve feel free to intrepret if you dare (-:

    I will share two dreams that I have had over and over again. The first dream was the one that I had recently that made me think of this thread.

    When I was younger (like around 8-12 yrs old), I used to have this dream that if I had a good running start I could flap my arms and eventually fly like a bird. I would have to flap my arms everynow and then but I always got off the ground and flew around no problem. I would fly around all the houses in my neighborhood that I knew. Strange part is I remember flying across the highway over this old field and saw a creek bed. This part was weird because I had never been over there while awake and the creek was always in my dreams. When I was older I remember riding my motorcycle and for some reason decided to venture across the highway to the field. I really freaked when I saw the creek bed there just like in my dream. I never really had the dream after about 13 (until recently) of me flying and never went back to that creek.

    The other recurring dream was after I graduated the academy (1988). Most of you know I'm a police officer and after talking to other officers I guess it's a common dream among cops. We used to carry revolvers on my department (.357 mags) and switched to .40 cal semi automatics years ago (for you gun buffs). For some reason this dream was when we had the revolvers and it stopped when we switched to the semi autos.

    I'm in this abandoned two story house and we are doing a building search for a burglary in progress. I remember I have my gun and flashlight out. On the second story my partner and I encounter this bad guy and he has a gun. For some reason I can't pull the trigger no matter how hard I squeeze. I don't have the grip strength make the trigger go back out and I remember yelling for my partner. I get shot in the chest right in the bullet proof vest I remember it doesn't hurt. It doesn't penetrate my vest and the guys eyes go wide in disbelief. I remember just getting mad because I can't believe the guy shot me. But I never got hurt and I always woke up right after getting mad. I never knew what happened to the bad guy or my partner.

    The dream would always take place in the same building and same story. Even in the dream, I remember a sense of dejavu and know when I turn a certain corner I'm gonna see the bad guy with the gun and be shot. I've never seen the house outside of my dreams or had the sense of dejavu while working patrol or on the streets. My partner and I have since transferred from that office to different areas and we still email each other every now and then.
  • I keep having this dream about a giant donut with a beard and a talking snake in a vest..... :woot:
  • First things first:

  • :shy: I used to have this same dream all the time as a kid but I don't anymore... but here it is.... I used to really like superman as a kid, and I still do by the way.
    But I would dream I was superman and I was always flying all over the place but the problem I always had was that I would fly too high and I would get very scared and have to fly down low to fill better.
    Kinda dumb huh? :cry:

    But lately I have had some killer sexual dreams :swear: :swear: :drool:

  • Just wanted to come back and says thanks to Steve for the words. :punk:

    When I started having the dreams, I felt held back and held down by my (bullying) boss. I often felt quite impotent as I could never make a decision without her opinion (wanted or unwanted) and she always ended up having the last word.

    Things are different now, so it'll be interesting to look back on how I was feeling the day before I have my next dream (if that makes sense!).

    Chris - thanks but I really don't go a bundle on dream dictionaries. In one of Saturday night's dreams, I was in work with Boss #2 telling me about our senior partner in relation to a "Government poet, Claire Normal" and then all the lights fused in my office (amongst other stuff). Sunday night's dream included trying to find a particular brand of cornflakes (I don't know what the brand was), Tesco's, a security guard, Vicki and Spencer from EastEnders and a really tiny mint plant being sold very cheaply.

    I don't think there is a book out there that could decipher all that :lol:
  • Just wanted to pop in and say...YAY STEVE! ^_^

    I'm probably going to end up a psychology major or minor, one or the other, glad to see another psych-oriented person around. :peace:
  • My theory on why it's so hard to walk or run in some dreams is because it usually happens when you're on the border of the dreaming world & waking world (where the dreams seem the most real) & you're actually moving your legs to walk and, since you're laying down, it's almost impossible to get them into a natural walking motion, also, they would be getting tangled up with the sheets, each other & whoever you share the bed with, hence the "walking through treacle" (and the "whoever" waking you up to tell you to stop kicking them).

    It seems perfectly logical to me but that's because the theory is based on me & my dreams. I can't really speak for anyone else, I don't think I've ever had anyone elses dreams.

    DISCLAIMER: Although I have toned down the following description from my most memorable dream, some still may find it disturbing to read. Don't blame me if you choose to read it and don't like it.

    I've had some very strange dreams, but the strangest I've had was late last year...

    I was in my suburb, across the road from the Kwik-E-Mart, talking to a faceless person when, suddenly, there was a flash of, with want for a better word, white. After the flash had faded, I saw a huge wall of flame some distance away and up in the air and, although it looked nothing like it would from afar, I knew it was a nuclear explosion. As I watched this wall of flame (which didn't have the solid, rolling look that I had come to associate with explosions, but a thick, misty orange & yellow) coming towards me I thought "That's odd. Who'd want to do that?" and expected to get thrown around like a down feather in the wind while I turn to dust.

    What happened was, at first there was a strong, warm, dry wind, which turnd into a strong hot, dry wind, it didn't feel hot enough to burn but when I looked at my arm, I saw that my skin & muscle had merged and was bubbling & dripping from the bone like melting acrylics, that's when the pain started.
    Now the pain. It's very hard to discribe the pain, it was there, I could feel it all over and it hurt, but it wasn't real. It tingled and ached, it even had a hunger pain feel but it didn't burn and it wasn't intense. That doesn't come close to describing it, but it's the best I can do. The last thing I did was look down at the rest of my body, my clothing had gone and it was a mess. I won't even try to describe it, I don't wish that image upon anybody. Then there was nothing but the pain, it didn't go dark, it didn't go white, just nothing but the sense of touch. And then there was nothing (all this took about 5 seconds). And then I woke up.

    Okay, by now you may be thinking "Strange? That wasn't strange, that was just plain disturbing." but here's the strange part. After I awoke, with every detail of the dream carved into my memory, I felt very relaxed & calm. My breathing was normal, my heart was beating almost as slow as 30 beats a minute, every muscle in my body felt like I'd gone through a 24 hour massage session, my head was as clear as crystal and I felt, as I watched the twilight draw patterns on the ceiling, that life could not feel any better than that, and I still belive that today.

    I doubt I will ever forget anything about that dream.
  • Submitted for diagnosis, two dreams, anyone who feels qualified can take a crack at them...

    The Recurring Dream
    Although it's been a while since I've had this one, it has been recurring...
    It begins with nothing but white light and a small rectangular "window" - more like a box - with many faces staring out of it, both male and female. All the faces are in black and white and all are either smiling or laughing. Everyone in the "window" seems to be dressed in vintage clothing, possibly "Gangster Era" type clothing with hats and pinstriped suits, the women seemed to be dressed like "flappers". The whole dream doesn't last long but it seems like an eternity. The creepy part about the dream is how they are all smiling and laughing. I assume it is an insecurity type thing?!

    The Strange One
    I had this once but it was so vivid I can still remember it today...
    I am in a city environment, although it is very green and grassy. I am being chased by a circus type clown who is riding my bicycle he had stolen from me somehow. He is riding "no hands" and juggling about 8-10 oranges in a circular fashion. As I duck into an alley he begins to lob the oranges at me with increasing ferocity. At the end of the alley I come upon a bus stop, the covered sort. The old woman sitting there offers me a drink of Dr. Pepper from a bottle she pulled out from under the bench. As I take a sip the bus pulls up and she starts to get on. Pausing momentarily, she tells me "It's the Virgin Twin Towers that you're looking for". As the bus pulls away, in the background is a "gothic type castle" with two huge bell towers. It wasn't there before the bus arrived. As the bells begin to ring I am sucked through the air and into an opening in the left bell tower. The dream ended there!

    I'm on the couch Doc, waiting for the analysis! :blink:
  • Gid, I'm surprised you missed the P.W. Herman reference. Really, how did the Freudian imagery slip past you?

    As for your analysis, I think you missed one major recurring theme in Topper and HOQ's dreams (can't pull the trigger, walking in treacle), and that's frustration. Many times something we are experiencing at the time may manifest itself in our dreams. If we feel frustrated or impotent during the day, sometimes it will come out in dream as being chased by some toothy bad-thing, and we're running through oatmeal, or quicksand.

    I could be wrong

    Ps. Topper, if you're having dreams about flying, chances are, you're "sportin' wood" while you're doing it. I forget who wrote it, (probably Freud) but years ago while reading up on dream interpretation, I read that almost all flying dreams are about sex. Personally, I blame Sally Field. :blink:
  • I have a reaccuring dream where there is this girl I have feeling for running towards me and I to her.But the strange thing is we never draw closer she goes further away.Lately she has been further away and the last time I stoped running altogether.Strange ain't it
  • My theory on why it's so hard to walk or run in some dreams is because it usually happens when you're on the border of the dreaming world & waking world (where the dreams seem the most real) & you're actually moving your legs to walk and, since you're laying down, it's almost impossible to get them into a natural walking motion, also, they would be getting tangled up with the sheets, each other & whoever you share the bed with, hence the "walking through treacle" (and the "whoever" waking you up to tell you to stop kicking them).[/b]

    It seems you could be right. I mentioned about this to my other half and he said that every morning, I always have my feet hanging off the end of the bed with no duvet on them. Maybe if I can't "air" my feet, I get frustrated in my dreams.

    Just a theory...

    BTW, nice to see everyone else has such :swear: up dreams.

  • Gosh, nice to see I'm not the only psycho in here with strange dreams!!

    Tell me this: What does it mean when one has a dream..... make that four dreams, in which she dies? I've had four of those in the past year, all of which see me dead at the end, but in different ways. The one that I remember the clearest is where I'm riding on the back of someone's three-wheeled bike (motor bike) on a mountainous freeway, like 6 or 8 lanes, and I'm not hanging on to the driver, I'm holding on to some handlebars on the back. Suddenly my hands are all sweaty and I can't hang on any longer. I start to slip, hanging on by just my hands, legs and body flailing in the breeze behind me, then I slip off. I roll over and over on the pavement, then along comes a huge truck and runs over me. Right before I die, I see a HUGE platinum lighted sign up on the hillside that says "AIM". I am fully at peace, no fear no pain, I say "Thank you Jesus" then die. After I die, I am full of peace then I wake up, feeling peaceful, never panting with heart thumping like you'd think it'd be after waking from a dream in which you just died. All four dreams have ended just the same, with me saying the same thing and feeling fully peaceful, then I die, feeling totally at peace, then I wake up feeling totally at peace and calm.

    Now, what the heck does that mean!?!?!? :blink:
  • I have no idea Speedie, But at least I know I'm not alone with the (end) feeling.

  • Somehow, Knowze, I think this may mean something really obvious, like, if we were to die today, it'd be ok, we'd not feel as though we'd missed out on anything or as though there were things that we'd left undone or unfinished. Perhaps it's just me, but that's (sort of) what I make of it. Rather a nice feeling, if ya ask me! :peace:
  • I've had two...different, dreams recently. Amazingly, they were both at school. They both kinda intertwined, but were different if you know what I mean. If someone could tell me what they mean, I'd be very thankful.

    The First of Two Differents
    Okay, anyway. The dream started and Tom and I were walking to the Future's Centre (building in our school) when we were meant to be going to the SCL8 (this I know because of the position I ended up in). Well, anyway, we get to the Future's Centre and went in with another class that was there. Well, we were on the net, hotmail and stuff when Mr Jay walks in. I then looked at Tom and he had blood pouring from his nose. So, therefore we walked towards office to fix up his nose. Anyway, while we're walking there, Jimeoin is having a stand-up comedy thing going at the MPS (Multi-Purpose Shelter, where we have Year level parades and stuff). So I walk past that to the office. Then, for some reason, I say See ya to Tom and start running towards SCL8. Well, I get to the class and I say to this teacher "Sorry I'm late, but" and she cuts me off and says "Sit down over there". So I sit down at a computer and the dream ends.
    On a sidenote, SCL8 doesn't have any computers. I also found that weird.
    The Second of Two Differents
    Okay, so I'm in SCL8 but this time there weren't any computers. So I'm sitting at this table with four chicks (one girl I liked from grade 7, the girl I like at this time, and two of my friends) and we are talking. But I couldn't hear anything, the mouths were moving, but I couldn't hear anything. Anyway, this one chick puts her arm around me (one of my friends) and then I walk out of the classroom.
    On a sidenote, I think I know why this dream happened. I was talking to the two chicks (my friends) that night, and it was blatant hitting on each other. I mean, thats all we were doing, hitting on each other. All in the name of fun, but we were just hitting on each other. So that may explain that one...or not.

    Can anyone say what these mean? Because I am flat out understanding them.
    Just for a humourous note, my friend once had a dream. A monkey was riding a dolphin. That was his whole dream, and I was in stitches after hearing that.

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