More Advice Please!
  • Over the last few months, I seemed to have developed a burning desire to learn Spanish and as quite a few people on the site are multi-lingual, I wondered if anyone had any tips.

    I've found a few sites which offer different ways to learn. There seem to be two ways - the first is breaking down the language and learning the grammar but not necessarily vocabulary. The other is learning vocab but not so much grammar and using the technique where you link words to mental pictures (sorry, I don't know the technical term!). An example is to imagine arrows shooting into a bowl of rice = arroz.

    Sadly, I don't know any Spanish people and I don't really fancy going to a class.

    I used to learn German - would it help to refresh my memory with a language I used to know to sort of "warm up" my brain to learning languages again? Or would this just get confusing? I do actually quite fancy picking up German.

    Any tips would be "muchos" appreciated. :helpme: :peace:
  • Okay, well seeing as I'm currently learning a language at school I thought I'd just put in my techniques that I use (when I do them, anyway). First off, if you can get a textbook for the language, thats always a good start. Just learn what they have in the textbook, it usually has good exercises and examples.
    Associating sentences with the words doesn't work for me, because I tend to forget what the original meaning of the word is, because of the sentence. But thats just me, it may be easier for other people.
    Learn both the grammar and the vocabulary, but remember the changes from English to, in your case, Spanish. Also, make sure you know how to/have learnt how to use grammar in English (I've had trouble from English-Indo because I wasn't taught grammar that had anything to do with the Indo, am never going to and never have).
    Also, if you want to get more fluent in the language, prepare speeches or stuff like that. Speak them, get used to the language. Then, if you know someone who is good with Spanish, have a conversation in Spanish with them. This should help you pick up language use and help you become able to reply to questions and have conversations better.
    Well, thats all I can think of at the moment, hope I helped. Good luck.
  • [b]If you do learn spanish & you get a teacher ask them this

  • No, tell a woman Me dos cabesa. they will love you for it. :woot: