Cheats for Exhumed
  • Kerri asked for this in the Front Door forum.
  • Ah, and the cheats come rolling in. Type in during gameplay(PC version):
    lobocop - all weapons
    lobodeity - god mode
    loboswag - all items loaded to 99
    lobopick - all keys

    holly level# - go to level #
    holly doors - unlock doors
    holly exit - next level.
    I hope that these and the cheats that Juggleknot provided you with will help broaden your gaming horizons and son't let anyone tell you there isn't a way to do things. Well, hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.

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  • If anyone needs some Gameshark codes, i posted some in an earlier thread. Check it out if ya need em :smile:

  • Thank you for all your help I will try them out and I will let you know how I do with them.

    Thanks again.