Happy Fourth Of July!
  • I just wanted to wish everyone a safe FUN 4th of july yay!!!!! :clap: :peace:

    EDIT* For those of you who dont know heres a history lesson :disco: :unsure: July 4th is Americas Independance day from england GO USA!!!!!! :peace:
  • Fourth of what.

    Oh yeah, the American thing.Have a happy one in that case.
  • Dunno what you yanks celebrate for
  • For those of you who aren't from the U.S.A. please bear with us.

    I want to wish us a very happy birthday!!! I am extremely happy and proud to be an American, to this day on which we celebrate our independence I salute the stars&stripes.

    GOD BLESS AMERICA !!! :clap:
  • Haha...very funny Steve. Do you really expect us to believe that you Brits needed your drinks? Oh well, it's of little importance now. Do they celebrate the fourth of July over there in the UK?

    Happy Fourth to All of You! Enjoy the fireworks!
  • I wish you americans a happy 4th of july but it's great here too!

    Stampede starts today!!!

    the greatest outdoor show on earth
  • My family and I went to see fireworks yesterday where we usually do. We were sitting about the same distance from the tape that you aren't allowed to cross but this year we got rained on by the debris from the fireworks!! At one point I got pegged in the head with a big piece! I had to go home and take a shower to get rid of it all!
  • I stayed at home and had just as much fun. My neighbors got thousands of illegal fireworks from Mexico :disco: (Including the kind that shoot up like stadium fireworks) So yeah they had enough TNT to put a hole in the eart so I had los of fun!!!! :disco: :peace:
  • I hope that everyone had a great 4th of July......even if you don't celebrate Independence day.

    Anyway, i shall close this thread now that it's the 6th.
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