To Anyone Who Was On My Msn List...
  • To anyone who has me on thier MSN list, please ignore any messages you recieve or have recieved from me as of ~15 hours prior to this post. Some loser with nothing better to do in life has managed to get hold of my password and changed it. Not surprising really as I use the same password for pretty much everything (just changed API password before this). So yeah, if you see 'me' online, feel free to message me with as much abuse as you feel necessary. Also, any heavy spammage (particularly organised spammage with multiple people constantly sending as many emoticons as will fit into the message box) would be greatly apprciated. I've also registered a new email, anyone who was on my list previously should PM me.

    Thanks peepz :)
  • Is Virus sending encouraged?

    Oh and what is the new e-mail.
  • Virus sending is definitely encouraged, and it would be even better if you could find out who it is. I'll pm my new email to you now - you won't believe how incredibly creative it is.
  • I've had the same thing happen to me before too, although if you're interested KiLLa you can retrieve your MSN account, i guess that your secret question has been changed? But there is an e-mail address which you can send an e-mail along with your registration details, i.e. name, birthdate and you can get your password reset. Just to stop whoever this idiot is from abusing anybody else... if you want the e-mail address just send me a PM, actually, PM me with your new address while you're at it mate!
  • The bastard!! heh, heh......He hasn't bothered me......otherwise he would have found out the hard way about me and pointy things.

    Anyway, PM me your new email addy.
  • ohhhhh PM me the address too:) :peace:
  • Hmmm...I would like this new email addy too if you don't mind...and also, PM me the story. I would like to hear something creative. :helpme: