spyro 1 and other help
  • :grin1: welcome to api avalanche.i hope u have a great time here.about the spyro 1 game i never played it before.so i realy cant help u.if u got any questions just post it here.maybe the lasttime u didn't post correctly.have fun posting.
  • Howdy and welcome to this great forum, the first thing u should do is to post this thread in the "PSOne Game Help". The front door is for new members to get a warm welcome from other regular members...
    U can always PM some of the staff memebers or some other member for some help...
    Enjoy Ur Stay In Here
  • [Moved to the PSOne Games Help Forum]

    [b] avalance, i believe your problem may be somewhere in here:


    Once in the home world, glide over two islands to find the large tree.