Samsung A800
  • Hi i am thinking of gettin a new phone called samsung 800 and was wonderin whether anyone has got it or not?
    If so whats it like what can u do?
    If not what phones do you recomend? please say!!

  • Well I've got the Sendo S230 and it's a pretty good phone. It allows you to get on the net, send picture messages, create your own ringtones (if you aren't satisfied with the wide variety that are supplied), it has about a dozen games including Chess, Draughts, Connect 4, Splat and ten pin bowling. The network is Virgin Mobile and it's a pay as you go. It doesn't have a camera though but it is quite compact (it's a bit smaller than the Nokias) so it fits easily into your pocket. All in all it's quite a good phone and I certainly wouldn't change it for another (well at least not until it broke down). As for price well I got it for
  • Hi there,
    Wonderin what the a800 phone can do.
    If you have it or have played wiv it etc.. what can you do and it it good?
    Please help by tellin me.
    Worth it or wot?

  • You certainly could have posted this in your mobile phone thread. ^_^

    In all seriousness though, I don't know anything about this phone you speak of.
  • That was my thought exactly red-so the threads are now together in the one spot. ^_^ Next time you want to ask about aother model phone,chaos,just put it in here-next time it may get deleted instead.
  • ok i will.
    Cheers people!