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    1.Read and laugh
    2.Read again and laugh some more
    3.Think about the joke at work and laugh (you post more)


    There was a strawberry and an elephant in a bathtub and the elephant asked the strawberry to pass him the soap and the strawberry said, "what do you think I am, a radio or something" ?


    Funny isn't it?
  • ok I'm gonna be the first to say it and it might be hard for you to take or maybe I'm just stupid but, What????!!!!

    I don't get it at all!

    :doh: :think: :unsure: :blink: :shy:
  • Your not the only one i dont think i get it either. On second note there is already a thread where you can post your jokes. Its called Jokefest III. Try it. :)

  • Ya know what? Gamerguy is right, so I'm just gonna go ahead and close this up...... not to mention the fact that I didn't 'get it' either. :think:
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