Sponsorship Banning,
  • After 42 years in motor-sports sponsorship Team Player's of the Champ Car Series has recently announced that this will be the last of their sponsorship at the end of this season. In 1997 the Canadian government set down a series of restrictions that would in the end ban all tobacco sponsored activities as of October 1st 2003. The Tobacco Act is currently being appealed by the three major Canadian tobacco manufacturers.

    Now I don't know if this hitting me the wrong way because this is splitting up my favourite team and my favourite drivers but I am a little confused as to the reasoning behind this.

    We have beer companies sponsoring racing events all around the world. One that springs to mind is the one that we are heading to this weekend. The Molson Indy in Toronto.

    Now is this not more of a poorly placed sponsor than a tobacco company?

    Don't get me wrong I don't think that beer companies should have sponsorship rights removed, much like I don't think that tobacco companies should. But associating a beer company with a racing event... :think: to me that looks a lot worse than a tobacco company sponsoring any event.

    I know that tobacco companies use sponsorship as advertising since their advertising is severely limited. But associating a beer company with a racing event to me is somewhat like promoting drinking and driving.

    Do you think that beer companies should be allowed to sponsor racing events and racing teams or should they be removed much like my beloved Team Player's?

    What do you think?
  • Yeah, i heard about that :swear: i was watching tv when they said that nascar winston cup has changed to nextel.
    now come on nextel... that sounds kinda stupid for nascar . it's like someone asking you which is you favorite busch cup of nextel cup. :bash:
  • NASCAR changing its sponsor from Winston to Nextel would have nothing to do with the legislation. NASCAR does not race it Canada so it would not be affected.

    I would also like to add that this would apply to all tobacco sponsorship that would appear in Canada. So this means that the Marlboro team would have to remove all related decals from everything when they come to Montreal. So not only does it affect Canadian tobacco sponsored teams it affects any tobacco sponsored team coming to Canada.
  • Well I'm afraid I agree with the banning of tobacco advertising.Big deal the large motor sport teams lose money(as if they don't have enough)but banning tobacco advertising from one of the last places it can be seen on television is the way to go to stop more people from starting to smoke and to help other who do smoke stop.I had an uncle who died recently from cancer cause mainly by tobacco and alcohol and after see it kill him I have to agree with banning it.
  • rather than banning ads/sponsors for tobacco because it's bad for the smoker's health, or drinking because drinking & driving is bad for everyone on the road's health ...

    ... why not ban auto racing? the petroleum resources it wastes, and the carcinogenic hydrocarbons it puts into the air, and the carbon monoxide released are all bad for the whole planet's health?

    i'm not a treehugger, really. but drinking and smoking are both only bad for a few people (even factoring in secondhand smoke and DUIs). internal combustion of fossil fuels is bad for *everyone*

    before you flame, i'm being tongue-in-cheek. thanks =)
  • The sheer hypocrisy of the government is what annoys me the most. Tobacco should be banned outright as it has no positive aspects whatsoever but it's a major cash cow for them. Most of what you spend on it is for taxes, and then you're taxed again at point of purchase. Either get rid of it or let the evil tobacco companies contribute something back into society.