• does anyone know how long it takes for cheats or tips to be uploaded to the website. i sent in a cheat yesterday and it isnt on the site yet. so if any one knows please reply back.
  • Sorry i hadn't had time to answer your PM so i will just answer the question in here for you.

    Jim B STAFF is the editor of APi and adds all content such as reviews, cheats, and what not that is added directly to the main site. He is a busy man though and sometimes it takes longer for him to get to certain items of business. Jim will add the cheats though as soon as he has the chance to do so so it'll probably be a few days or so.....maybe longer for him to add them into the site.

    So, your cheats will be added in due time. We appreciate your patience on this subject and we hope that you will continue to send in cheats if you so wish.

    Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.