• My friend and me watch alot of anime and resently my friend found out about this new show that is still going on in japan called Naruto. He said he had seen the first episode and it looked like it had a great story and amazing origanility.

    So me being a avid Kazaa User, see if there was any episodes that people have, lucky there were about 35! So I downloaded the first episode, then the second, then the third, and i kept going (all the episodes are dubed). The show is about basically about a region in the world where all the kids do, enstead of going to regular school, is go to Ninja Training school. Its really cool to see what they have to do to be a ninja. And Naruto is an Orfin who is looked down upon because a Hokage (a supreme Shinobi master) sealed an evil demon called the "Nine tailed Fox" into the baby when he was born. There is alot of comedy and action in it. I would wish someday that it would go on toonami but some of the things that happen in the show look like it would have to be showed on Adult Swim, but none the less the show is AWSOME. Forget Ruroni Kenshin, or Dragon Ball Z, if you havent been watching the Naruto episodes then your missing out.

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