Do You Golf?
  • First of all, today I played my first round of Golf!
    For the longest time I've been talking and talking about picking up Golf. Well, I finally found someone at work who was also interested in taking up the sport so together we ventured out to the range. This was two weeks ago. After 5 trips to the driving range, today was the big day! Our first round of Golf.
    It was more fun than I ever imagined it would be.
    After 18 holes, I was ready to go again! They had to drag me off the course.
    I know some of you out there Golf so I wanted to hear what you all think about the sport. I have a feeling that I won't be able to get enough of this game! I can't remember the last time I did something this fun and challenging! :D
    So Golfers out there speak up! Do you love the game or what? Any tips for a total beginner like myself? Swing away! :peace:
  • Yes, I love golf and I also hate golf. ;) What this means is that I have my good days and my bad days on the course.

    Next week I have two tournaments one for a local sports bar and my company tournament and another one for the company my Dad works for in August, that one is free. ;) What I love about tournaments is for a slightly higher price of a round you get a round of golf, a meal, a pretty nice prize and a really good time.

    I try to get out with my brother and a friend of ours try to get out at least twice a month. We usually go to the same course every time, we all just love the course we go to.

    I really don't get out enough to improve my game drastically. I just seemed to improve a little bit the first few years. It has only in the last couple that I get the idea of what I'm doing. I still need to do some work with my drives but my short game has really come around this year. I can generally chip it on to the green without it rolling off or coming up short. My putting this year has been almost spot on.

    Golf is a game that anyone can enjoy. I urge anyone who is looking for a nice leisurely sport to give it a try. Courses have clubs to rent so you have no need to commit to buying a set of clubs.

    See ya on the links! ;)
  • I love playing golf, its something that my father and I like to play together. I'd give you tips, but I don't have any. I have been playing for a few years now and I am still not that great.
  • :doh: I have played golf a couple of times years ago but I find it to be a very boring game....
    I have a brother that's really into it and plays all the time :think:

  • Yeah I play several different types of golf, youve got your; mini golf, LS links 1999-2000, Microsoft Golf, Mini Putt. :blink: but to tell the truth I have always wanted to get out and play a real round of golf but never have. :cry:

    :peace: OUT!
  • I know who you are charger, and I remember how it is to be a golf virgin!!

    Always remember that there will always be one shot that brings you back. :punk:

    Also when I yell "fore" it's either get the hell out of the way, or my score on a par four! :doh:

    Did my Angel Of Darkness hint help you? [email][/email]
  • I've been golfing for a number of years now (and more often than not my score is quite sad looking) but I still keep at it.I don't get to play nearly as much as I'd like to thanks to work and other committments.
  • I love the game but I am what you call a "Fair weather golfer". I don't want to fight the elements so I only go on nice sunny days. That is a big part of the enjoyment, just enjoying the sun.
  • I am much like Rex, I have one mate who we try and get out and play golf every month at least, more in summer.

    I am a reasonable player consistently shooting in the 80's generally no matter what course I play. Being a big fellow if I get a hold of my drives they stay hit, its my short game that generally lets me down. :doh:
  • Winston Churchill was once asked about the sport of Golf. His response was something along the lines of "it spoils a good walk". :helpme:

    I'm not a golfer either.
  • I quite enjoy playing golf but I don't like the rules, so I ignore them and just attack the ball "Happy Gilmore" style & yell "fore" before hitting it, just incase. I never keep score and if, at the end of a hole, I feel I finished with that one, Ill start hitting the ball back to the start.

    Fortunately for me I found Five other people who wanted to play Eighteen holes like that with me (Well, Four, one of them kept being silly & insisting that we should play by at least some of golf's stupid rules). Unfortunately we were asked to leave on the Seventh hole because, or so the club staff claim, it is not allowed, for anyone, to use a tennis racquet in the "line of fire" to deflect "enemy fire", sending it safely out of the way, in a random direction. But I think they were just being silly.
  • Yesterday we golfed in our company tournament with a +3 as our final score for 9 holes. Not bad considering the wife was on the team. ;)

    Brought home a Simoniz 1400 pressure washer after some wheeling and dealing after the prizes were handed out. For the pressure washer I had to trade the gap wedge I won for a AM/FM CD player and then traded that and the stainless steel anniversary edition Coleman cooler that the wife won. Not a bad deal. :D

    Lots of beer and a little rain made for an excellent day of golf.

    The tournament that I was in on Wednesday netted me a Molson Canadian golf shirt. That game we were -9 for 18 holes and the winning team was -16 so we still had quite a way to go to win it. But conisdering the owner of the course and the course pro were on that team it would have taken quite a bit to beat them. My brother and our friend were on that team who are pretty good golfers so that is the main reason why our score was so low. It would have been only -8 if I didn't chip one in for a birdie! :flex:

    The next tournament will be August 20th, gotta remember to put in for that day off of work! I doubt that I will bring anything home that day since it is a tournament for clients of the company that my Dad works for. They usually have just one big prize and have a draw for it somehow.

    Last year they gave away a riding lawnmower and the year before that was a ATV. Things would look kind of fishy if I won the 32" TV and surround sound system they are giving away this year. Still that round will be around $0, can't that price for 18 holes and a steak dinner!

    Anyone else participating in any tournaments this summer?
  • I've just taken up the game again after a few years off from playing a round as I now have more free time & hours on my hands since my split up with my woman. It has given me a new lease of life & some excellent mental abilities. You would think that getting back after a while ever inch of your body would scream out in pain. Not me.

    In 3 weeks I've had 7 9hole games & 4 18 hole games & starting to get a handicap that I could only have dreamed of 5 years ago. I'm now on a 6 handicap for 9 holes & 14 for 18 holes

    I've got some new golf clothes (one of the clubs do require it) so I don't look like the 90's pimp on the boogy. I think my 1 wood is bent as it keeps on fading every shot hehehe

    I didn't play today, too much beer & good time last night & the body needs time to recover from the harsh punishment I got off a minx last night. Danced mine & her ass off for hours.

  • I have attempted the game... once. Went out with Hubby Pooh one time years ago, but after he told me that I swing like Jerry Lewis on qualudes, I have never gone back out again! :cry:
  • I've played just enough to know that I'm pretty crappy at it but I don't mind going out every now and again. I've never played with anyone who took the game very seriously. I don't think they would enjoy playing with me. Also, in my game you can take off one stroke for every beer you drink.
    I play on a curling team in winter so usually refer to golf as the other insidious Scottish game.
  • Well, it's been 5 weeks since my first round of Golf, and I'm proud to say that yesterday I broke 100! Okay, so it was only 99 but if you ever saw me golf you'd know it was an accomplishment! :)

    I have been wondering about a few things though......perhaps some of the more experienced golfers can enlighten me.


    How do you deal with large, raucous groups making entirely too much noise?

    If two "beginners" (example=me and my buddy) are playing and a "men's association" group of five come up behind us, are we supposed to let them play through? What if they don't play any faster than we do? What if we're on the 17th hole?

    Are you allowed to take practice swings in the sandtraps?

    Can you use a different ball on the greens than the one you tee'd off with? (example=mark your ball and replace it with a new ball?)

    These are just a few questions I have been wondering about, I want to learn to play the game properly. Thanks! :D
  • I just had to add this to the thread.

    About 2 weeks ago I shot my best round ever. I usually shoot between 80 and 86. I was having one of those days that the hole seemed to be the size of a hula-hoop. I shot a 37 - 32 for a total of 69. 3 under par. I almost passed out. It was sooooooo cool.......... :punk:

    Played the same course a few days later and shot my normal 81. So it was short lived, but it was awesome......................................
  • Well Charger, I'm a bit of a newbie myself. I only started last year. I only have a seven pice club set, but thats all I need. A 1 wood, 3 wood, 5 wood, 3 iron, 5 iron, 7 iron and a 9 iron. I also bought two clubs to add to that, a putter, and A driver. I live in Sydney, only a couple par 9's around here. I go to Ingonish every one n a while, and that my friends is one of the best golf courses in Canada. I think it was rated # 1 a few times.

    Its beatiful, looking at, but a difficul course. My grand-father golfs up there all the time with his friend. His friend once shot a 79! My grand-father shoots aroun 100. He does only have 3 fingers on one hand though. Take his handicap off and its a pretty good score. His best was 85 or something like that.

    I was out golfing a week ago, and the guy behind us hit the ball, and he got a whole in one. It was pretty sweet, just luck though.

    I have some tips, never golf alone, keep your eye on the ball, watch the wind and have fun! I am not that good myself, the best I ever got was a par on a par 3. I had a few chip ins though.

    Rex, and everyone else. About how far do you think you can drive? If I get a holf of her, it would go well around 200! But that rarly happens, so about 150. I can his almost that far with my 5 iron!

    I was watching t.v. a couple months ago and it had some kids on t.v. They were proffesionals. They drove the ball around 300 yards! They sucked at putting though. They were not that bad at chipping though. It was a comp.

    I am a master at putting. when I get the ball on the green, I usually get it in in two puts or less. My longest put was about 50 feet. I just hit it to get close for a tap in and it went in.

    I always watch the PGA on t.v. Everyones who is not expecting to win the majors are.

    The British Open this year looked like the hardest course ever. Curtis won and he was just -1! One guy was at 3 under, but he messed up in a sand-trap and it took hime 3 shots to get out.

    Well, thats all for now! God luck Charger, and Rex. How you doing in the tournament?