Martial Arts
  • Hi!
    Anyone do a form of martial art? i am gonna take up jeet kun do soon.
    How is your art goin? what belt are you?
    Do u use weapons or wot please tell me...

  • i studied kempo jujitsu , jujitsu , and tikwando :punk:
  • I do Judo and i am green belt but I still have to do a fighting test (where you fight for your belt) but Ive done my theory test where the instructor says a move and you do it

    No weapons

    The kobra kid of Scotland
  • I used to do Kendo a few years ago and also Wing Chun Kung Fu. Now married with two kids the closest thing to a martial art I do would be fencing.

    Thinking about it, what makes fencing any different to say kendo as far as being counted as a martial art. :helpme:

    Is a fighting skill only called a martial art if it's of asian origin or has some mystical/philisophical angle???

    Just a thought.
  • A martial Art can be anything from boxing to shooting a gun Digger. As the title sugests, it's an art form of the martial persuasion, but due to centuries of popular belief, most people, even some "experts" on the subject, will claim that it only refers to oriental fighting styles.
  • I used to do a little bit of karate(when I was I didn't advance in it though so I quit.
  • I started taking Aikido just over a year ago. It's alot of fun and a great workout. My dad has also taught me a little Muay Thia, Karate, and Military hand-to-hand. I am hoping to start another martial art soon but i haven't decided which one.
  • I've got quite a bit of martial arts under my belt. I hold a rank of Godan or 7th Degree black in Kempo (For those of you Confused about the seventh, it is actually the fifth, my instructor broke up the ranking after black to streamline the training). It is the only art I've studied at length however. I had a 2nd degree brown in Goshindo Kan Karate, but never went to black. I've studied a tad of kung fu, and currently teach Kempo classes at a local dojo.
  • I don't know if this really counts but I just spent a week as first aider at a summer cub scout camp. One night it was well past bedtime and I used a special technique to bore one of them into slumber ( blah, blah, blah ).
    I did dabble in Judo in my younger years. Unfortunately I was too young and unfocused and didn't put in enough effort.
  • Cool guys,
    I'm glad you show a good interest in martial arts.
    I have started jkd now and it's great! I got to disarm someone with a bat and a knife on the first lesson!!!

    It's a lot of fun so if anyone thinks it looks good give it a go and you may be surprised!

    :fight: :flex: