• Ok its simple, a pic URL gets posted and you make up a funny caption for it. The person who captions the pic gets to post a new URL, however even if a pic has been captioned you can caption it again and show off your skills simply by typing the name of the pic and typing your caption, therefore you must also name your pic when you post it. eg.

    My Picture: "The caption"

    You can caption any pics that have previously been posted and as many as you want as many times as you want. Okie Dokie. Ill go 1st.

    Picture Name: Kid Kisser
    URL: http://ninemsn.com.au/blipimages/news1/170...kanimbla_lg.jpg

    Kid Kisser: " A loving father, using his tongue, attempts to retrieve a kinder suprise toy his 6 year old daughter sophie has swallowed."

    Give it a go.
  • 'Now i got her full attention, i can nick my hat back!!' :cunning:

    Nice idea for a thread, but has it got Mod support? Some sites that people link to may be breaking API rules?? If the floors now mine cos i posted, i wont continue till a Mod has posted or pm me giving go ahead or not!!
  • As long as no one links a pic of questionable content and the captions are kept clean (also make sure the link is directly to the picture and not just a page it's on) I don't foresee any problems-have at it folks! :lol:


    "I know I'm supposed to kiss babies for votes, but there should be an age limit!!" :blink:
  • Kid Kisser

    "Now if i could only get her mother to do this" :woot:
  • Looks like its going good! Ok Lyndon, Ill make sure those rules are followed. The floor is yours theve! :peace: OUT
  • Ok then, after about 2 mins looking as i've got to leave for school in a min, here is my pic.
    fishing:And thats the last time i let the wife have a go!
  • "not her mother......but the next best thing......damn" :punk:
  • Kid Kisser - "Happy 21st baby. But what's with the baloons, fairy bread & all those kids in party hats?"

    Fishing - "Note to self: Never again claim there is anything I can do better than the missus."

  • Fishing

    The truth is, SIZE IS EVERYTHING!!! Muuahahahahahhahaaaa!!!!!!
  • Kid Kisser:

    "At least she kisses better than her mother!"


    "In reality, she bought that fish from me in the boat"
  • Kid Kisser,

    "This is the last time I am playing spin the bottle."


    "You realize that Florida State law requires you to eat what you catch in 12 hours."

    Good idea for a thread LI.
  • Kid Kisser: So that's how things are in their family. (sorry, had a Ferris Bueller reference)

    Fishing: I don't think she fell for the magic marker trick..darn...put the wrong weight on it.. :unsure:
  • fishing

    "We are going to court tomarrow"
  • Kid Kisser "I've heard Austrailians have different customs, but really!"

    Fishing "This is the kind of bait you need to catch that kind of fish"
  • Fishing: Well I did bring the young fella but when the fish wern't biting the prawns it was do or die! Your up Sk8er2150