Silent Hill Story
  • I just recently won silent hill and I seriously was confused and didn't understand much, can someone briefly explain to me what the whole thing was about.

    thanx :peace:
  • Well .. since no 1 is replying in here .. i guess i'll do it ... Its a great game if only u understand what ur doing ... it goes sum thing like dis ....... as far as i can recall ....

    Silent Hill would appear to be an ideal
    haven. Remote, tranquil, beautiful and yet this leads you into a false
    sense of security. Silent Hill is not the serene picturesque lakeside
    resort it appears to be. Silent Hill has age-old secrets, a legacy that
    the locals are not aware of. Silent Hill is covered in a thick fog that
    has appeared as if from nowhere. Scared Already ?
    You are Harry Manson . You r driving thru dis town with ur daugher cheryl and suddenly a vehicle come right into you .. to avoid hitting it u turn away and bang into the side of the road.You are unconcious when u wake up ur daugher is missing so u go out to find her .. u see her .. maybe ur mind is playing games or is it really her .. to find out ... u follow .. n .. follow until u reach a dead end and on the way u keep on wondering what cud explain all of those dead bodies dead dogs n cretures .. then all lil zomies come and ur defenseless ... they kill .. u ... just then u wake up and a cop by the name of Cybil (or something like dat ) is there and u talk to her but she too is no help to find out what is happening ...
    The main objective in dis game is to find ur daughter and to also find out whats going on ... i waont say that cause i dont wanna take the suspence away ... onthe way u'll find puzzles they get harder all the time ... if u need ne help just ask ...
    Im sorry if i couldn't make this big ... i didnt have too much time ... hope This $h!t helped .... Its a great game N JOy !!!!

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