• i need help at the part wher your on the ship and i need to find rose can you help me

  • I believe Rose is up the mast. If you are in the bridge with the captain there should be a ladder to climb, she should be at the top. Hope thats right, been so long since ive played it. :) I think thats your answer but you should have posted this in the psone help section. :(
  • ummm gamerguy the psone section is closed in other words it wont let you post and i'll tell my cusin home****!
  • This where the post has been moved to is open as you can see. :)
  • ok i did it yaaaaaaay oh crap a freaken bugs on m screen

    well, anyway thanks for the help


  • no problem. Man i let my cousin borrow my copy of LOD and he hasnt given it back for like 4 years. :(
  • that sucks it took me 1 month to beat the 1st disk now that im on the second im at the same part my cusin is at