• Hey all you APi staff members, are you guys working on new ideas for the site, sorry to inform you but the removal of post totals has really lowered my enjoyment of this site, it would be great if you could work on a new system for member rating or open up the "under avatar comment" I was thinking mabey you could tally peoples online and active time and rate them on that? If not could you let out a couple of ideas that you do have?
  • We have pretty much given up on any sort of rating system for members as it was a major cause of the number of junk posts (spam) on the boards.We've always said before it is the quality of the post that counts,not the number of times you do post.Since the removal of the post counts and "levels" most of the guilty parties for consistent spam have either left completely or have very much cut down their posting habits.So,we've no plans to implement anything there in the immediate future.

    There is a bit of a member tracking feature built into the forums but we leave that disabled-it slows down the server too much.As for future plans it would not surprise me any if Jim does have something cooked up-implementing these,however, depends on his own schedule offline.Haven't been talking to him for a bit so I do not know what plans may be in store.