(censored) Pc Probs
  • all the pictures have been replaced by squares with smaller squares inside, with red 'X's in them. i reset my security settings to default and did a few defrags and cleanups, restarted like 9 times, the virus scanner said nothing's wrong and that i'm a big fat idiot. i bet it's out drinking with all the other programs and laughing at me behind my back.

    when i right click on one of the squares and choose Show Picture, most of the time the picture appears, but there are waaaay too many pictures for me to keep doing that.

  • The computer that I am on right now does that with some pictures too. I didn't know that there was a show image thing though. This computer isn't even a PC. Back to the point.

    Maybe it would help if we knew what your computer was. Windows 98, 95, XP, ME? I have no idea what is currently wrong though.

    My advive would be look through all the internet options in the "tool" sections, or..............Bring out the manual. :cry: One more thing, what kind of internet do you have? Maybe that could affect it in some way.

    Well, the best of luck to you.
  • Well juggleknot, those little x's generally mean broken images. This means the image file that is meant to be displayed there either has a different name than what is in the HTML code, is in a different location, or just doesn't exist. Seeing as they do show up when you click 'Show Image', it's unlikely that they're broken.

    As tony suggested, I quickly went through in Internet Options options and there's one that says 'Show Pictures'. Now, i've never un-ticked it, but it sounds like it does the job. So just open up Interned Options and go to the Advanced tab. Scroll through the list to the Multimedia section where you should find a Show Pictures checkbox. Make sure that's ticked.

    If that isn't the problem, i'm really not sure what else it could be. It's always possible that you just have a really lazy internet connection (i.e 28.8k) that doesn't wanna download all those images :P

    Your ISP customer support should be able to help you out with this if us geniuses can't :D