Toomb Raider Tlr
  • i went through a room with rotating blades in the ceiling got 4 holy scriptures went through a gate that shut behind me.found a cave with a grate in the ceiling but can"t open it or get out of this area.please help!!!!!
  • If memory serves me corretly, once you have the Scriptures and the gate opens, the next room has blade traps on the floor. These you must WALK through and at the end of the room should be a grapple ceiling which is how you progress.

    I hope that helps. :peace:
  • :cry: i went through the room with blades in the floor grappled across the ceiling and game loaded in a cave, there is a grate on the ceiling but can't open it.nowhere else to go.any suggestions?
  • :woot: thanks kremzeek. i was faceing south when i should have been faceing north. i'm off to do battle with the scorpions now.
  • [quote]Originally posted by Kremzeek@Jul 26 2003, 07:13 PM
    [b]Hellow. I take it you are playing TR 4? You have four Holy Scriptures. Have you done the water scales? If so, you should be in the area at the tunnel where Lara climbs down a blue shaft of light. At the end of the blue light is a huge statue of Horus. There is four pedestals where you put the Holy Scripures on.

    The gate part? The gate will automatically shut behind you after you have completed the part where you collected and put in the four Star keys into the walls in a small room.