• I just bought a Pelican Chameleon controller, pretty impressive analog response, it feel confortable, looks cool , and it is economic, and it is also open hearth, with means you can see everything inside, well .... looking to the little servos in the handles you can notice how the vibrators works, what is an amazing learning feature, especially for kids, but what I also see is that the left vibrator do not rotate, I can understand that the game programmer haved 2 options light vibrator and heavy vibrator, but apparently all the games that I have do not use the light vibrator (left one), can someone help me find one game that uses both vibrators, I only have PSone, I am worry about my controller, because it is cheap but I like it a lot, and I want to know if my specimen it is working Ok or if I have to use the warranty.

    Best Regards

    (This post it is also in the gaming area, sorry about that :unsure: )
  • If I remember correctly Metal Gear Solid (PS1) had in the options to test the vibration feature of your controller.

    There were two settings (I think) hard and soft. Give that a try.

    You may not even need to use Metal Gear Solid though, I do believe most games give you a little confirmation 'shake' to let you know that you have turned the vibration feature on.
  • My Controller was faulty, in Silent Hill the heart beat feels in the controller with soft vibrations, it runs on the original controller but not on the pelican, and looking more carefully I found a cable not conected (bad soldered), easy to repair, for me it easy to repair a controller than returning it at the 25Km store, it took me 10 minutes open it, warm the iron put the cable in it's place and test it, now works find, but I am not buying more pelican controllers :blink:

    By the way:
    Silent Hill - Hard vibrations on attack, soft vibrations on heart beats.
    Grant Turismo 2 - Hard vibration on acceleration, soft vibration on collition.

    Thanks for the help Rex, best regards.
  • You Are Right Rex Metal Solid Gear it is the solution to this problem, you can test strong and weak vibrations.

    Thanks a Lot.