Making Cookies?
  • Does anyones Grandmothers get offended when their grandchildren take a taste of the cookie dough? Mine do. It kind of shocked me at first, cause she normally does nothing when the kids do that. Does anyone have this in their families?
  • I can't speak to the subject regarding my grandmother, but I can say what my mother did when I was young.
    I wasn't allowed to touch the cookie dough, brownie mix, cake icing etc. until she was done completely. Then, and only then, I was allowed to lick the beaters or wipe what little bit of mix was left clinging to the side of the bowl. Let me tell you, it was like torture waiting to get my little fingers on that bowl! :drool: And it was always better it seemed to use your finger, not the rubber spatula! I was always told that eating raw cookie dough would give you "worms", obviously to discourage me from getting my grubby little fingers on the goodies! ;)

    I think it's pretty common that people don't like anyone grabbing a bite of what they are preparing until it's ready, at least in our house it was!
  • I was never really around when my Grandma would bake so it was always Mom's cookie dough I was stealing.

    I was very surpised how much I could take out of the bowl without her seeing me before she would notice.

    By the way, basically everything and anything that my parents didn't want me to eat or have in my mouth was supposed to give me worms.