Bob Hope 1903-2003
  • Bob hope died thos morning for those of u not familiar with him his a comedian, radio star, Tv star, producer, golfer and all around a good guy. The kicker is that Bob didnt even die of old age at 100. He died of Phemonia. My thoguhts and prayers go out to his wife and family.
  • To the man who did so much for the USO, raised the morale of out oversea troops in time of war and peace. I offer my respect. To his lovedones, my condolences. He was a good man who led a long good life and gave himself to so many. God be with you Bob. :peace:
  • There was a man who had a truly amazing career. Good luck and God speed.
  • I grew up watching Bob Hope specials on TV.
    He was a great actor-comedian-humanitarian. He did a great deal for the world.
    He gave it Hope.
    Thanks for the memories.
  • :cry: I too grew up watching Bob Hope and Bing Crosby in road to Zansabar and all the other movies.... He was one of my favorite funny guys from childhood and he had a great life.
    He will be missed but not forgotten.......

    Good by Bob and God bless


  • So long, Bob, and thanks for all the memories. He will be sorely missed!!!!! :cry:

    I'll say this, though, where-ever he ended up up in Heaven, there's sure a lot of cheerful people in that area up there now!! That man was a blessing to more than he could ever know!
  • Bob Hope was an American classic. His career paralleled America's growth in the 20th century, from the "Roaring" 20's into the 90's. His "road-movies", his USO tours, his land exploitation deals in the San Fernando Valley, his Christmas shows, the Cleveland Indians.....Mr. Hope truly had his finger in America's Pie. To top all of that, he was a very funny man. Godspeed, Mr. Hope.
  • The golf courses are much emptier than they ever were ;)

    Much respect to a great entertainer.