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  • Post deleted as i don't have time to edit out your cursing. We are a family oriented site so that's why we don't appreciate you talking the way you have been.
  • In reguard to your closing "little ones". It appears the only thing little around here is your mentality! This is a well maintained site, and your blatent use of profanity will not be accepted, frustrated or not. You might want to take a look at the rules and regulations which we adhere to at API.

    I'm just a member but I'm certain that when you hear from a Mod or Staff member they will not be as friendly as I have been.

    This is a great site and I'm sure you will enjoy it if you can play by the rules. :peace:
  • I have been here for 1 and a half year and I never saw so much swearing as I am reading now, I say that you really could get banned for this... Like jdm1108 said. This site has been confirmed has the best PSOne and PS2 site and I don't think that this place deserves someone as you..
  • i love you guys so much...oh, excuse me, i mean, so No Swearing as stated in the Forum Rules much
  • Valen, being a family oriented site, this probably isn't the best place to vent your anger - particularly if you can't censor yourself.

    Judging by your post, you seem to have some issues which you should really deal with as opposed to trying to 'escape' from them through games. I don't know how strict the staff here will be on a post like this, but I can sense a trip to the cooler. And also, while I doubt you'll take this into consideration and probably only reply with more swearing, may I recommend a few sessions with a psychologist? :)
  • yeah, i thought you'd think i 'needed help'...that's upsetting, since i do like you...i could be narrow-minded and say you needed help for your difference, how you and i are so different...people just don't know how to treat 'difference', and they should learn...it'd make the world a better place...i've been through so much s***, (yeah, i censored that for you, okay, ya happy?) and all i know is that people hate me... i don't care, mind you, but they do, and the only thing i may care about is how they're living a dull life...but hey. i'm very complex. there are many traits to me. you've seen the bulk, but i'm pretty wild and a little jokesome...anyway, what do you care? i'm so bored today i think i'll hurl...
  • Thread Closed - Also, i deleted your last post cause it added nothing to this already pointless thread and it was double posting which is also against forum rules. I highly recommend you reading up on the forum rules, otherwise you won't be allowed to be a member here any longer. I may have given you a second chance but had it been one of the other mods or an admin then they probably would have either recommended(mods) you be banned or banned you(admin) so I would probably not do this anymore because next time may be your last in these forums.......
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