My Ps2 Needs Help
  • :bash: :cry: I keep going to browser thing when i turn my PS2 on can anyone help me i try to call some company's but i didn't want to spend 700 dollars if you can help thank you i tryed everything :cry:
  • i know this might sound like a stupid question but when you turn you ps2 on do you have a cd in it when toy turn it on? and if you turn it on and hit the eject button it will do it to
  • To get into the game from this main screen then just click on "browser" and then click on the disk that will pop-up.

    This is also the same area that you can look at what you have on your memory card and delete the files or copy them to other memory cards. Instead of clicking on the disk, you'd click on the memory card.

    Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • I just tryed the CD came up like in 15 min's i think it's dirty but i have no idea happen i think one of my friend's forgot to turn it off for a week cuz i was not playing that week he did
  • Well, then i'd recommend a couple things. First thing, try using a vacuum cleaner on the front and rear vents of your PS2. That's a good thing to do even if your system is working.

    If that still didn't get your games playing then i'd recommend purchasing a lense cleanrer which you can get from a local gaming or cd shop from around $7+ Then follow onscreen directions.

    Also, i'd recommend trying your games out on other PS2s that you know are in working order to make sure that it isn't the game itself. If that was the case then this is a totally different story. So if this is the case then let me know so i can give you directions on what to do with that problem.

    Now, one of those two should fix the problem if it's due to dirt. If that doesn't work, then you'd need to probably contact Sony. Just let me know what country we're talking about here and i should be able to get you the number for Sony(For North America it's 1-800-345-SONY(7669)).

    Well, i hope that you're able to get that console working again and i hope you have fun posting.