• Hello,
    This forum is a tribute to the great Bruce Lee who sadly died at the age of 32.

    Please write a small note if you wish to pay your respects.

    Thankyou and may his memory live on in all of our minds.
  • Not trying to be funny or anything, but why start this thread now? Its not a specail 'Lee' date, the anivessary of his death was 20 July, that would of been a good day to start this thread :think:
    I just cant see the point of it 'now'.
    Lee Hsiao Lung (A.K.A Bruce Lee) was a great martail artist though, and its a shame he isnt around anymore. I'm sure some of the older members will remember his peek of fame in '72-'75. I, being an 80's child only have the word of my elders to go by as well as just watching the great man in movies.
  • From what I've heard, there is a video game coming out (I'm sure mad has all the details) featuring Bruce Lee so perhaps this is a timely and appropriate thread after all?

    Or perhaps console chaos is just discovering the energy and excitement Bruce Lee brought the world. Regardless, chaos obviously wanted to pay tribute.

    Enter The Dragon is a great movie and I recommend anyone who isn't familiar with Bruce Lee to watch it! :peace: