Ffxi Is It Worth It?
  • I just thought id add up the price

    1 FFXI game=$49.99
    1.Network Adapter=$40
    Monthy fee to play online=$12.95

    So thats about 100 dollars right there plus the 12.95 per month so I dont think i will be getting this game I think its only for rich people. I mean if they threw away the monthy fee then it would be cool but they didnt. So is this game only for the upper class aristocrats who have money and not for the aqverag gamer anymore?? :peace:
  • One thing, the prices i announced were for the PC version. Normal game prices mean you'll probably pay $39.99 for the game and then $12.95/mo. No announcement on what the cost will be for console users but we shall see.

    It's Final Fantasy, has summons, and even has a storyline, which means i'll probably play it for at least a month......especially since the first month is free. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.