• right now im playing diablo for pc and when i was on the internet i saw an advertisement for Diablo for playstation if anybody has seen it or knows where i could buy it i would be veryappreciative :peace:
  • I just sold a copy on ebay for Playstation (which is where I bought it several months ago). I wasn't happy at all with it. Even the original diablo with out any expansion is is better than the PS game.

    Too dark of a screen and just didn't compare anywhere to the PC game.

    IMHO, Save your $$ and continue waiting for the 1.10 patch.

    I'm on LOD West as fecalblender if you play bnet.
  • Yes, the PS version does not even come close to the computer version. Dont waste your money. I played it for a while, but i think the computer version is much better. And take Toppers advice and play Diablo 2, it is better than all the rest. :)
  • I have that game....

    what can I say about it? :think:

    It's a real pain in the thumb!!! :pump: stick to the PC and play with your friends....

    It even got 10 spaces in my memory card!! (excluding the character save data) :bash: