• Boss Name: Nemesis

    This FAQ will help you guys defeating Nemesis (Avaiable in JPN, NTSC and PAL Version of FFX)which can be found in the Arena once you get all normal monsters at 10.

    What you need to have do defeat it:

    - All Celestial Weapons
    - Max Stats
    - At Least 40000 of HP
    - At Least 1500 of MP
    - More than 50 Megalixirs
    - Auto - Life Magic

    - Break HP and MP Limit and Ribbon Ability

    How to beat it:

    First, Nemesis has 10 miliion HP, so it may take a while to defeat him. At the begining of the battle cast Auto - Life and Hastega on your Party. You can have anyone on your party but the most reccomendable are: Wakka, Auron and Tidus. Whenever one of your party members get his/her Overdrive Gauge full use Entrust on Wakka to fill his Overdrive Gauge and use Attack Reels. Recover as needed. Nemesis uses the following attacks: Normal Attack, Etheral Cannon (One Only, deals around 25000 Damage), Ultra Spark (All, deals around 25000 Damage and casts Curse on your Party) and the last attack Armaggeddon (Which Deals 99999 Damage even if you have your Defense at MAX). Whenever he uses Etheral Cannon use an Elixir on the ally that was damaged, for Ultra Spark use MegaLixir and for Armaggedon, Auto-Life will be triggered and use Megalixirs and use Auto-Life and Hastega again on Party (just hope he doesn't use Armaggedon two times in a row). Continue attacking and Doing Wakka's Attack Reels and he will die. If it's the First Time you defeat him he owner will give you 10 Master Spheres. Hope this Help you guys, and think Yojimbo's Zanmato isn't the only way to kill Strong Bosses... :think:
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