Spare Time (except Games)
  • Me personly just play GOLF GOLF GOLF GOLF GOLF GOLF GOLF GOLF :woot:
  • jeez at the min, im plannning my engagement party and wedding!!, going to many concerts, working and playing with my new toy (MY CAR)

    wish i had time to just game!!! can hardly fit it in at the minute
  • In my spare time (which is a lot of time) I play soccer, basketball, football and etc. I also hang with my friends and do the other stuff, but hanging with my friends and sports are what i do most :flex:
  • This really should have not been a poll because there are TONS of things that people could do instead of gaming. I usually just sit online or perform with my cousins and stuff...other than that...I play the piano. Gaming is a spare time thing that I get time to do.
  • My spare time I listen to music, hang out with friends, play cricket and surf the net. That's my spare time wrapped up in a ball.
  • Red's right,there are too many options available to do a poll like this so I'll be taking it off the thread.

    In what bit of spare time i do get i try to get a bit of golf in or will be watching some anime.Also,I'll just kill time floating around the web and maybe play some of the games at one of the several free web-based game sites available.
  • Why is everyone against me all fo a sudden it only my first poll :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  • Because polls are the spawn of satan created only to bring forth chaos,mayhem and deceit.
  • Originally posted by The kobra kid of Scotland@Aug 19 2003, 10:51 AM
    Why is everyone against me all fo a sudden it only my first poll :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

    On the contrary kobra kid. We are not against your first poll. There are just too many things a person can do aside from gaming....and using a poll may have been good..but there are not just ten things a person can do in their spare time. Do you see what I'm saying?
  • My passion is medieval history. I used to do a lot of re-enactment but these days I tend to do more living history.

    Aside from that; working, looking after my family, going out with friends, PC stuff, artwork and writing.

    Don't have nearly as much time to do everything I would like to - I guess that's life!