Hey Christians!
  • Hey Christians, this is the place where we can talk about our lives and our God! So post anything you want about how you're doing and what God means to you. :clap:

  • How's about we don't limit this to just us Christians, maybe some other religions would like to talk about their God as well too. I would venture to guess we have those of Islamic faith here who'd like to talk about Allah as well, perhaps, or... well, let's just let the floor be open! Perhaps we all could learn a bit of something, eh? :D I personally would like to learn more about other denominations of "Christianity"... for example, what makes being a "Baptist" so different from being a "Protestant"?
    We try not to be too discriminatory here at APi, so I think anyone should be able to share their thoughts here.
    (just a thought)
  • How about we go the other way? How about a thread for only white christians? Or better yet, only white christians with Scandinavian or Celtic ancestry? Even better, white christians with Scandinavian or Celtic ancestry who feel this country is being taken from white christians by the godless brown mob? Still better, a thread just for white christians of Scandinavian or Celtic ancestry who feel the country is being taken away from white christians by the godless brown mob, and are ready to do something about it. Best yet.........oh, wait a minute......

    It is best that we leave this open to all religions. We don't want to attract the wrong crowd

    I worship the God who is the alpha and the omega. My God has always been, and will always be. My relationship with my God has been the single most important development in my life, in that with his providence, I have been able to shed an evil skin, and begin a hopeful life again. I am blessed, in that I receive daily gifts, and I am often able to recognize them. The more of them I realize, the more blessed I feel, and that is among the smallest of the many gifts. I could go on, but I'll leave the bandwidth for others, I think I've made my point.