• Hey guys and gals. I ran into a problem with my PS2. I broke out Xenosaga to finish leveling everyone and buying the last AGWS. I started playing and the game lagged like it had scratches all over it....yet...the game was perfectly fine. I played as usual until the game froze where i hadnt saved.. :unsure: I was really going to go out and buy a new PS2 until i tried using a can of air. I opened up the CD drive and cleaned it out. To my surprise...and relief..the game works like new.

    The moral?

    Always clean...If you think you need to have your PS2 serviced think again. You can save alot of time and money and frustration by buying a can of air and vacuuming the vents.

    I just wanted people to know this just in case they have or had the same problem.
  • Welcome back Gene, and thanks. :)