• Ok, I got in Telepath Tower AND I'm stuck at the very begining! :doh: Can Someone help plez?!
  • May I join the headbanging?........ ok Thanks :doh:

    Well I don't know specifically which part of the beggining but I'll tell you what to do :)

    Theres a switch in the middle part right? use Ashley's knife to reach to it..... you have to hit the wall first so the knife will fall off

    There are boxes there right? throw them againts the switches that are above. You should be at close range to do that

    When you got all three switches The door should open :peace:

    I may be wrong in some details but I'm sure I got pretty close to it.

    Now do me a favor... remember my name forever! its Squall9999, forget about Ashley.... He's too Dangerous