• Okay it's really very difficult to describe how to defeat Penance so I'll write here what i've found to destroy him...

    HP : About 20.000.000.
    Drops : Normal : 3(6) Master Spheres
    Rare : unknown

    HP : 60.000
    Drops : Normal : 1(2) Dark Matter
    Rare : 1(2) Master Spheres

    Equipment (4 slot Armour and Weapons with 1-2 abilities)
    Weapon : (Break Damage Limit)

    Armor : ribbon
    break hp limit

    Attacks : Body - Obliteration, massive damage to active battle party. About 27k against party which has 255 defense and magic defense
    Arms - Calamity, many negative status effects, only curse affects me though due to ribbon, but i think it does everything
    - Tetra-Graviton, Does damage dependent on max HP
    - Mighty Guard(on himself), same as Kimahri's Ronso Rage
    - Slowga, same as the spell
    - Normal attack, large damage and shattering effect (like Shinryu's Eraser). Ribbon protects against it.

    Location: A selectable location at the Airship after you have defeated all the Dark Aeons.

    Tactics : There is only one way i found that works, Zanmato (Overdrive attack of Yojimbo).

    Another Tactic:

    Requirement: Luck has to be 120+ or else you will miss the target!
    If HP isn't over 40,000, it will be a difficult battle. Use the following characters to beat that boss [character, who will fight against Penance, must have ribbon equiped!!!]

    Rikku -- Use "Hyper-mighty guard" when her OD is full!!

    Tidus -- Only use Biltz Ace if you run out of turn to kill one of the arms!

    Wakka -- Attack reels is used if you run out of turns to kill one of the arms!

    Yuna -- Only summon an aeon if you run out of turns to defeat any of the arms.

    Just keep killing the arm [each arm will drop one dark matter/master sphere].
    If you have an extra turn where none of those arms appear, please do the following [depends your parties situation]

    a) HP 's low, use Healing water or Megalixir -- please get at least over 60x healing waters or Megalixirs

    B) Quick Hit = attack the boby

    c) Three stars and twin stars are useful b/c imobalazation will take out all of MP.

    d) Cast Hastega and you'll have many turn to attack Penance

    Killing arm is very important because it will avoid Penance 's special attack [Judgement Day]. It will only HAPPEN IF ALL of the arms appear.
    You can run away from battle in order to get more dark matters when you have
    killed each arm. [it 's a cheap way to get ribbon]

    Don't bother to kill Penance when its arms aren't destoryed. It will take 1
    turn to kill each arm [60,000 HP]. So you probably have lots of extra turns to attack the body each time before Penance attacks back.

    That 's all. You've defeat the most difficult boss and done everything if you have already done everything.

    And here you have the Solution to defeat Penance...
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